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People i met here, who contributed to and improved my trip: Juliana (Russia), Katja (Russia), Olya (Russia)

After arriving in Moscow at 6am, Juliana and i decided we should try and organise our Mongolian and Chinese visas before heading to Vladimir. This however proved more time consuming than ever imaginable! We were passed from pillar to post over the phone and had little success in finding the addresses we were given in Moscow - the city is just too big! By 14.20 we were both tired and dejected and decided it was best to start again on Monday. We did at least find the correct addresses and locate them on a map - we think!

So, off to Vladimir, to stay with Katja, Olya (Katjas sister) and parents another raelly great, hospitable Russian family.

We arrived around 20.00 and Katjas Mum had supper waiting for us which was great. The 4 of us then headded out to sample what Vladimir's nightlife had to offer. It was mainly small bars and live music, which was pretty decent. We met some of Olyas friends, who like 99% of the Russians i have so far met, were warm, friendly and eager to make discussion and teach me Russian words - not all of them publishable! We eventually called it a night around 03.30 much to the dismay of a couple of the guys who were eager to show us more of the nightlife!

The next day, Katja gave us the guided tour of Vladimir, the former capital of Russia some 700 years ago. There were a couple of pretty cathedrals - Assumption and St Dmitry - and the Golden Gate of the city, which was used as a defensive tower and triumphal arch.

What was seeming as a lovely day out, soon took a down turn. As we walked the main street, we saw a lady had been killed crossing the road up ahead of us. This was the first time i had seen such an incident so close up and it really makes you think about life. A woman out shopping, no doubt with husband and children waiting at home, their life taken in a flash. The girls told me the drivers life was also ruined as regardless of whether it was his fault or not, Russian law dictates the driver is always at fault and must go to prison. The rest of the day was pretty somber.

Back at home, Katjas Dad had prepared a national Turkmenistan dish for us all - he is from there originally - consisting of Chicken, Rice, eggs etc. Im still trying to get used to the level of hospitality that there is in Russia, it is completely the opposite of everything i had imagined or was led to believe!

mfmcp1982 says:
aw, sound like her family really like you! what a horrible accident though...
Posted on: Mar 12, 2008
lisalush says:
Wow what a day... thats a pretty tough law.
Posted on: Oct 15, 2006
Eric says:
Saw a similar accident in Beijing, was pretty shocking to see an accident like that firsthand. Still sounds like you are having a pretty good time in Russia though and meeting lots of awesome people.
Posted on: Oct 15, 2006
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