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I’d been in touch with Matt (Mat_UK) on TB and FB for a while now and was looking forward to meeting him at the first TB meet in Perth. Somehow during the conversations at this meet, I ended up getting roped into taking this Brit on a camping trip  :) . How on earth did I agree to this? Must have been the beer talking although I’d only had one at this stage…hahaha.


I’d only just returned from my trip to Hyden and Hopetoun so wasn’t sure if I was able to get more time off, plus I was finishing up at my job in another 2 weeks so didn’t want to push my luck or burn any bridges, but thanks to my 8 years of sales training I was able to use my charm and get a half day off on Friday, which was plenty of time to travel to Dwellingup (if my former bosses are reading this it’s all lies! I never used my charm on you! Not once I promise)


I met up again with Matt again at the Moon and Sixpence after work on the Wednesday to fill him in on where I was going to take him.

We were enjoying a few pints and a meal but obviously unbeknown to me at the time my car was getting broken into. ARGH!! Anyway I get to the Gosnells train station (this suburb is a dodgy part of Perth, so it was bound to happen) and see that the drivers’ side window has been smashed to bits. Already having experienced a few obstacles over the past few weeks, I just shrugged my shoulders, said a couple of choice words, scraped out the glass and drove home, with a very cold wind in my hair, oh and being careful not to cut myself on the glass which was still in the car. So there were no tantrums or tears what so ever….That’s so not like me at all J


I called my insurance company when I got home and by the next day my car window was fixed, so the camping trip was back on.

I picked Matt up at his hostel on the Friday and headed off to Dwellingup after picking up a few supplies on the way, and Matt wanted a blow up mattress to sleep on. That’s not camping! Sleeping on the cold hard ground with only a thin piece of foam is what camping is all about! Haha…Dam why didn’t I think of that…oh well I’m a tough Aussie chick, I can handle the hard cold ground.


We arrived at Dwellingup about 2pm, picked up some more supplies from the local supermarket and headed out the National Park. This is one of my favourite places to camp. I used to come here all the time with my mates during the summer and always had a great time. With the water activities on the Murray River and the relaxed atmosphere this was certainly a popular place for many Aussie’s to visit.

Hmmmm maybe we won't camp here?
When the water level is right Baden Powell is a great place to swim, as the rocks create natural spas.


I was hoping to set up camp in my usual spot, Nanga Mills, but due to the road being closed due to the rise of the Murray River, we settled for Yigarlli (I think that was the name) which was right at the end of the park. We set up camp pretty quickly (gotta love the dome tent), but from the last time I went camping here which was about 3 years ago, they used to have BBQ plates over the fire pits to cook on and thinking this was still the case I didn’t bring a fry pan or a gas stove, jeez I can’t remember everything…I am only a girl after all…ha ha. Also there seemed to be no tent pegs in the bag, but luckily I had a quick thinking bloke with me who managed to find some make shift pegs to secure the tent to ground. Matt also came up with an idea on how we were going to cook. He made a tripod with the tent poles and a stick which we could hang the billy off and cook up the snags. Phew another disaster averted.


The night turned out to a really, really cold night so we spent it by the fire with a few cold beers
amanda576 says:
thankfully no bears! Just ducks and other bird life :)
Posted on: Aug 22, 2008
mga_galang_paa says:
This blog reminds me of my past summer camping adventures, one with a real close encounter with black bear. Thanks. I'll release mine as soon as I find time to scan those old photos...ha ha!
Posted on: Aug 22, 2008
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Hmmmm maybe we wont camp here?
Hmmmm maybe we won't camp here?
Blue Wren
Blue Wren
photo by: amanda576