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Auckland International Airport. Where a couple of your dreams come true (for the right price).

This was the first time we had attended the international lounge of Auckland airport. Not a bad place really. It had a number of duty free shops and a number of duty unfree shops also. We enjoyed roving these shops so much that we actually bought a watch (which ceased to be a watch and instead became a fashion accessory as soon as we hopped on the plane it ran out of batteries).

Being new to travel we decided to go with all the fittings. We bought new pants for the trip, ear plugs, sleeping blowy upy neck things, natural ginger sickness pills (which really socked it to us) and a pair of thrombosis socks each. These socks were designed to be unisex but I think they looked a lot better on Hannah because the hair on my legs stuck straight through them.

Melbourne, Australia. On a good day ;)
All in all I think the travel accessories made the trip slightly better.

As for our fellow travellers, we had a pirate who was dressed in pink (he honestly looked like a pirate - we half expected him to say 'arrr' every time he asked for some more water or a serviette). There was a woman who had a very loud laugh and no awareness of it. She punctuated our waking moments with loud bellows which made people look at each other with a grin on one side of their face and a grimace squished onto the other. 

Our first stop was Australia. We were greeted in the tourist area by a manniquin wearing a 'G'day mate!' tee-shirt. It was puke yellow. That, as well as an uncomfortable stop in a well used lavatory, sums up our time in Aus.

This seems to be a good point to inject some musings I had while in the land of the big rock in the desert.

What might happen if you are on the wrong flight at the wrong time.
It struck me at the airport, wandering around, that being lost with other people gives you the pleasant illusions that you’re actually much more aware of where you are going than you are. It’s simply a matter of perspective. From the outside you all look like bumbling ignorami. From the inside, you can easily appear as the smartest one around. The only problem is that this label is passed from person to person every couple of seconds. At one point someone decides to walk off in one direction because they ‘see something’. Of course, everyone follows this leader because they themselves aren’t certain of what they are supposed to do. Next second someone else in the group notices that the first person isn’t as intelligent as they appeared and decides to go off in another direction (so everyone in the group who doesn’t know any better follows this enlightened member).
Not bad for a plane meal. Guess you could say 'Plane? Yes. Plain? No!'
This goes on until finally either you’re by yourself and lost or the remnants of the group have found their way through trial and error to where they were headed. This appears to be the life of tourist groups.

Anyway, back to the blog: I have to say that the food on Emirates is all it’s cracked up to be. Behind ever meal is another (if you want it). You have a menu, free beer (apparently some people find flying drunk is easier), a face wipe (unseasoned), carrots and everything.  

Next stop Dubai!

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Auckland International Airport. Wh…
Auckland International Airport. W…
Melbourne, Australia. On a good da…
Melbourne, Australia. On a good d…
What might happen if you are on th…
What might happen if you are on t…
Not bad for a plane meal. Guess yo…
Not bad for a plane meal. Guess y…
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