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It was absolute kismet that during the break for my multinational finance class I walked over to get a hot chocolate and an older gentleman who couldn't contain himself was telling everyone "the eclipse! the lunar eclipse!" So I walked out to join him and was just in time to observe it. At first, I couldn't quite see the difference between a cloudy moon and the eclipse, but it was obvious by the time it was completely in shadow. I don't have pictures, and I'm not really into astronomy, but last night was really special. The moon, which normally to me appears like a bright, flat spotlight, when eclipsed by the earth turns into a pure, spherical body hanging above our heads. I felt as if I could reach out and grab it - it had so much depth and was so perfectly round it was as if seeing it naked for the first time - it was that sort of awe and appreciation.

I hung out with some students and we watched the eclipse together, and it was so perfect because it had rained the last couple of days here, providing fairly clear skies. I could see Orion brighter than ever before, and one of the students I was hanging out with pointed out a bright red star which he said was mars. We searched for bright blue Venus but could not find her. I never really cared for stars to tell you the truth, but tonight was very special, capping my trip to Mexico with some lovely astronomical events. It would have been a great night to say.. sit on top of a pyramid in Mexico City and stare at this new object in the sky or at least look through the telescope at Griffith Observatory. I'd much prefer the former =)
sybil says:
you must have had a better view than where i was -- i did not see the other heavenly bodies -- i think saturn's rings and regulus - or orion or venus. i saw a lot of clouds tho.... :(
Posted on: Feb 22, 2008
AndiPerullo says:
I would have loved to have seen it with you! :)
Posted on: Feb 22, 2008
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