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The line for the taxi (behind me), not counting the people in front of me.
Larry the seaman came by on the plane and handed me a big liter bottle of water that he got from a crewmember so that I couldn't have to spend money for water upon arrival. Then we waited together for luggage and went out through customs. Of course when I pressed the button I got a red light so I had to have my baggage searched. ANNOYING!

Unfortunately that's when my luck ran out, but that's ok. I couldn't find Sybil at the airport and found out my Verizon phone sort of worked but on "roaming" and I don't even want to know what sorts of charges are associated with that.. I was so upset at not finding Sybil that I roamed around the airport for an extra half hour intent on finding her. Turned out we were at different terminals! Which was disastrous because the line for the taxi ended up becoming 100 people deep - I arrived when it was only about 30 ppl deep.
Patio at night of Condesa DF
Check it out for yourself the line behind me! (and keep in mind there are 100 ppl before me!). I was pondering exiting the line to search for a cell phone kiosk but then saw this line behind me and thought better of it. An hour later, I get my taxi and the driver is mad at me because I don't have the address of my hote. But my Spanish is good enough that we also end up talking the whole way to the airport about Mexico City, language and school. Before I knew it, we arrive at the BEAUTIFUL Condessa DF and he spends an extra 5 minutes telling me about the area where my hotel is and how I am very close to some very cool sites.

I finally find Sybil (the front desk laughs because we both didn't know each others' last names) and we were starving so we just decided to have dinner at the Condesa's restaurant even though it's probably quite a bit more expensive. I'm exhausted and I don't know how we're going to get up at 6am tomorrow to go to the Pyramids, honestly. Sybil is out dancing/drinking at the club/bar in our hotel. What an energizer bunny she is!!
vulindlela says:
Wow, That line!
Now I really appreciate having friends there who pick us up.
Posted on: Feb 22, 2008
TRE69 says:
That line is CRAZY LONG! I would have been in a foul mood if I had to wait in it.
Posted on: Feb 21, 2008
sybil says:
i got my energy from that spot in the center of the pyramid of the sun!!! LOL!
Posted on: Feb 19, 2008
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The line for the taxi (behind me),…
The line for the taxi (behind me)…
Patio at night of Condesa DF
Patio at night of Condesa DF