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Our Lotus Village Bungalow

Well the bus ended up being late so we didn't get to Sukothai until almost ten p.m. and of course it was raining. We were the only farang (a sometimes humorous, sometimes derogatory term for foreigners) and immediately approached by an older man who was a Saamlaw driver. Saamlaw are kind of like tuk tuks but the "cab" is really a cart in front of a motorcycle.  We knew the fare was supposed to be around 40 Baht, so the game started when he told us it was 100 Baht.

All the other drivers were hanging back as he was apparently King pin since he spoke English reasonably well. We bantered back and forth and I figured that, as much as we didn't want to be stuck in the rain at a grimy bus station, he wasn't exactly being overrun with customers.  After feigning indifference for a bit, he saw it our way and we settled on 50 Baht. Proud of our awesome bargaining, we hopped in for a rather harrowing ride in the rain.

The Lotus Village bungalows ended up being fantastic (see their website at www. and ours was on stilts above a lotus pond with nicely furnished and decorated rooms and AC - a splurge at 1250 Baht (about $30), I am being way to easy pampering Cindy!

The next morning we hopped on a Sawngthaew which is basically a large pick up truck with really uncomfortable wooden bench seats down the bed to the Old City where all of the ruins are.  Sukothai was the first Thai capital in the 1200's when they defeated the Khmer and is an amazing site with lots of temple ruins of different styles. We were there on a Sunday and it was relatively empty so we walked around all morning and afternoon admiring the temples including the Elephant Wat with huge elephant carvings surrounding the base, Wat Phrae Pai Luang, and Wat Si Chum with a massive Buddha in the northern zone.

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The ruins of Sukhothai Thailand

Next we walked to the Central zone and Wat Mahathat, a large set of ruins surrounded by a moat, Wat Sa Si on an island in the lake nice for napping and Wat Si Sawai, actually by accident when we got lost having decided that we could find our own way out and ignore the signs.

Larry and friend at the Dream Cafe in Sukothai
  In retrospect, I suppose we should probably have done like everyone else and rented bikes.

We had an excellent lunch at the Dream cafe which was a really cool old teak building with tons of antiques and great food, if some what bizarre music.

After a couple of Singhas on our verandah and a nap, we walked to the night market for dinner and on the way home got caught in a torrential downpour with water running down the street four inches deep (come visit and see the video!).  We tried to wait it out and stood under an awning watching the vendors get soaked putting away their fruits and vegetables, finally deciding to just wade home up to our ankles in water. Other than Cindy worrying about snakes (we saw a cute little one at the Sukothai ruins earlier), we made it home fine but wet. 

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Pouring Rain in Sukhothai Thailand

Tomorrow it is off to Chiang Mai.

Elephant Wat at Sukothai

sylviandavid says:
Larry: enjoying this blog.... Loved your other one too.... Good to see that you were pampering Cindy... Happy travels. Sylvia
Posted on: Oct 15, 2007
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Our Lotus Village Bungalow
Our Lotus Village Bungalow
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