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Kyat Tauugyi Marble Buddha

Min Min and Min Ko picked us up at the hotel after breakfast for a final little tour of some additional sites in Yangon before they dropped us off at the airport.  We climbed into our trusty, dilapidated Hyundai one last time and went off to see some famous White Elephants (sorry no pix, apparently they government thinks these are so special that you can’t take their pictures!)  It is a very good sign for the government to “discover” the rare, white elephants (of the three, one was fairly white and the others were light colored, pinkish but not like marble white or anything) so they expended great amounts of effort to find, capture and transport these guys down to Yangon where they are leg-cuffed to a large platform for the locals to view.

Across the street was Kyat Tauugyi which houses the biggest white marble Buddha.

Min Ko (our driver) Cindy and Min Min (our guide) from Golden Swallow Travel in Yangon. Two great guys
  It was commissioned in 2001 by the government and shipped down to Yangon.  Supposedly there are only four marble Buddha images in all of Myanmar, one each in Mandalay, Amarapura, Inwa and this one in Yangon.  The funny thing is that, as you can see, it is encased in very distracting glass held together with stainless steel connectors so that it doesn’t have to be cleaned and polished too often.

We paid a surprise visit to Min Ko's home and saw his lovely, young wife (I think she was 28 and he is 43!) and new baby as well as his parents.  It was kind of cool to see their very humble little house down a small alleyway in Yangon.  He is a very proud daddy.

The last stop was at a small local market for longyi for me where we shot a video of Min Ko showing us how to tie it while Min Min commentates – it is pretty hilarious, perhaps I will upload it to Youtube and link to it so non-local friends can see it.  I will not, on the other hand, put up a picture of me wearing one...

New! - here is the video of Min Min narrating how to tie a longyi while Min Ko demonstrates - hit the Back key if this doesn't display in a separate window. How to tie a Burmese Longyi

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Kyat Tauugyi Marble Buddha
Kyat Tauugyi Marble Buddha
Min Ko (our driver) Cindy and Min …
Min Ko (our driver) Cindy and Min…
photo by: aleksflower