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Larry relaxing at the Millenium pool overlooking the Chao Phrya River in Bangkok


After the Min’s dropped us at the dingy old Yangon airport we sat around waiting for our flight.  Cindy managed to lose her departure card which had as momentarily concerned (we didn’t have much cash left for a bribe!) and then when I went to pay the departure tax, somehow Bangkok Air had messed up the manifest and had Cindy's ticket listed as something like Mr. Cindy Fujimoto Recht which caused great consternation (and had me somewhat perplexed).  They finally got that all straightened out and we moved to the Bangkok Air lounge which was actually kind of a nice little place with soft drinks and cookies.

There was a hilarious group of 60-something year old women who had been on a dive trip (they all go without their husbands, at least those who still have them) down in Malaysia and thought they would check out the sites of Myanmar.

The Bangkok Millenium Hilton
  There was also an older lady from England (although she sounded Dutch to me) who was straight out of a Somerset Maugham book including her colonial attitudes on the locals.  Pretty funny group all in all.  We boarded and whisked off to the new airport in Bangkok without further trouble.

Getting a taxi at the new airport is a bit of a challenge (or it was since the airport had been opened less than a month) but we found one and bargained hard, eventually getting a reasonable rate.  All was going well until we went through one of the toll booths and the man suddenly stopped to help friend, another taxi driver with a dead battery.  We tried to jump the car for fifteen minutes or so to no avail when he finally bailed on his buddy and got us to the Millennium Hilton just in time for Happy Hour on the 31st floor.  Phew!  A near miss!  We ended up munching appetizers there and taking advantage of the killer room and comfy bed and really nice shower (no luke warm showers here!).


Tuesday was spa and Internet day with both of us getting foot massages at a little local place where Cindy’s girl tried to convince us to take her home to the US and we could open a massage parlor together.

Dave our chauffeur from LAX Home who plied us with red wine until the Ambien kicked in
 Hell, sounds better than working at i2!  Five bucks for an hour long foot massage is something I could get used to!

We headed out to the MBK monster mall in search of a tablecloth for a gift, taking the BTS all the way to the end of the line.  The place is massive with tons of stores but somehow we were never able to find what we wanted,

We ended up eating at a funny Hot Pot type place in the mall where you cook your own food on a little hot pot.  Pretty tasty but not exactly the most “Thai” of foods we could have imagined.


Our last day in Bangkok was boring with more shopping, a power nap in the afternoon, and some culture (ok not really, we watched “Coyote Ugly”.

Chris met us for lunch and red wine on our return
  After the movie, we hung at the really nice Hilton pool located on the fourth floor of the hotel overlooking the Chao Phrya River.

We figured there was no better place to have our final dinner than at Le Lys, the place we searched for so hard on our initial stay in Bangkok.  The food was really good and we met a young couple who were visiting their brother who is a Mormon missionary in Bangkok (which seems insanely weird to me but whatever).  They were from Canada and very nice but very green - I am sure they are seasoned veterans now as they were going to stay there for 6 months to a year, longer if they could get work.

Back to the Hilton on our last BTS ride and across the River on the shuttle boat before a short night’s slumber on the really, really comfy bed.

The three of us in our younger days, Chris is on the left, I am in the middle and Dave is on the right.
  Tomorrow should be a grueling day as we are leaving the hotel around 5:00am and get home some 24 hours later.  At least it is faster going East!


Well the flight home was long and uncomfy but the layover in Tokyo was very short and it went relatively fast (until the last hour or so when you are friggin dying to get off the plane).  Dave P. ended up being in LA for business so kindly picked us up at LAX and chauffeured us home which was a nice treat compared to the shuttle services. 

The first thing we did was go grab burgers at the Omlette Parlor in Costa Mesa which we had been Jonesing for over the last ten weeks with Dave and Chris L.  We reconvened at our house, desperately overgrown but in pretty good condition all things considered thanks to the help of Laz and our next door neighbor Paul.

Cindy is happy to be home in our comfortable bed rather than sleeping in rock hard twin beds with crappy pillows like the ones in this picture!
  Chris and Dave hung for the evening and we drank our first good wine in a long time before quaffing some Ambien and passing out.  It’s nice to be home (but we already miss Asia!).

dodge says:
Hi Cindy & Larry,
You have a cool plan, esp. Bhutan!! Let me know if you need any info of traveling in Thailand, e.g. recommended place. I can help you on Bangkok. I have a friend once lived in Phuket, she can help input some idea.
Of course, I live & work in BKK. If you have time we can pop out for drink.
Good Luck & have fun,

Posted on: Aug 18, 2006
lrecht says:
Hi Dodge - sorry for the delay but we have been travelling the last couple weeks. Thanks for the info! I spent a lot of time in Thailand but it was back in 1983-1984 right after I finished college so looking forward to visiting again.

We haven't really planned much other than arrival in Bangkok but will probably go up north and into Laos and Cambodia and perhaps end up with a little relaxation at Phuket or around the south. At this point we are considering staying longer (currently planning on seven weeks) and perhaps visiting Myanmar and/or Bhutan as well.

Do you still live in Bangkok? Not sure how much time we will spend in the city but perhaps we can visit.

Thanks for the information!

Larry and Cindy
Posted on: Aug 14, 2006
dodge says:
Hope you enjoy the trip to Thailand. Dunno if you've ever been here, just brief recommendation.
Place to shop
- Hi-end: Siam Paragon, Emporium, Siam discovery, Siam Center
- Low-end, cheap & value for money: Platinum (Water Gate), Jatuchak or JJ market (only weekend), Suan Lum Night Barzaar.
- Silk: Jim Thompson's house on Silom Rd.
Watch out!! if someone invite or ask you to buy jewelry especially when you take Tuk Tuk (a traditional vehicle).
Transportation; e.g. Tuk Tuk, Taxi should cost you around 150-250 if you travel in town.

Beware storm in the south in case you want to go on boat trip. Phuket or East coast would be fine.

Any information urgently needed, dial operator 1113, 6 Baht per min.

Have a great time!!

Posted on: Aug 10, 2006
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Larry relaxing at the Millenium po…
Larry relaxing at the Millenium p…
The Bangkok Millenium Hilton
The Bangkok Millenium Hilton
Dave our chauffeur from LAX Home w…
Dave our chauffeur from LAX Home …
Chris met us for lunch and red win…
Chris met us for lunch and red wi…
The three of us in our younger day…
The three of us in our younger da…
Cindy is happy to be home in our c…
Cindy is happy to be home in our …
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