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The Travbuddygang

Today is the day! I am finally off to my hometown to start celebrating Carnival 2010!In my hometown Carnival started yesterday evening at 23.11 pm to be exact and it will last till tuesdayevening.

With Carnival the name off my hometown will change from Dongen into the Carnivalname Peeënrijk (Carrotstate). The mayor will give on fridayevening the key of the town to the Prince of Carnival so during Carnival he is the mayor of Peeënrijk. Also we have during Carnival are own currency (Peejemunten), newspaper (Peeke), flag (Peejenvlag) and our own folkssong (national song, Peeënlied). So once a year it feels like you are living in another country/town.  

Ooh, I am exited coz this time I'll celebrate tonight Carnival in Breda with some friends from Travbuddy.

Some of them never have celebrated Carnival. Ooh, I hope they will like it.

Brian and Rob came to pick me up on their way to Brabant. Before going to Breda I had to show them the Carnivalfloat of my sister which will be riding at the sunday afternoon parade, monday at the Children's parade and tuesday on the electric parade. The theme of this year is something with fairytales, but the float of my sister isn't build on the theme. The Carnavalsgroup "Muskebiers" in which my sister is, never build on the theme coz the theme is been make public in november (11-11). And my sisters groups starts building their floats in September/October. They have build their float with the theme trains. Most of the floats are made off iron, chickenwire and papier mâché. The floats can be made of polyester.

The Travbuddygang
The floats made of polyester are of course more value so you will get more money after Carnaval when you sell it and of course making it cost also more. The float of my sister this year is made of papier mâché and costed around Euro 3000,=. So you have a little idea how much a float cost. On top of that you will have the cost of the costumes, drinks, food, decorationmaterial. The bigger the float is the more value also how more parts are moving with hightech stuff how more value the float will be. After Carnaval all the groups will try to sell their floats to others groups in other towns or parts of the floats to bar/restaurantowners. Besides that the groups will sell their costumes aswell. My sister's group doesn't sell their float anymore only their costumes because on tuesdayevening we have the electricparade so the float will be demaged by the lightchains.

After we have seen the float we went to my sister' s house and parent's place to look for costume for Brian and myself.When we had our stuff we were on our way to Breda. The meet up starts at the hotel in Prinsenbeek. Prinsenbeek lies in the northern part of Breda. Thomas and Grace were waiting already for us when we arrived at the lobby. We arrived almost one hour to late. After introducing everyone, we checked ourself quickly in and changed our clothes into the Carnivalcostume. While we were waiting for the cab we came to the conclusion that tonight there are 3 USA-blogs among us and two Dutch girls....

The first thing we did as soon as we arrived in Breda city center, was looking for ATM, to spent our money later that evening! After finding an ATM, we went to a restaurant to have diner. It was around 20.30h so we loved to have some food. We had already funny times there coz lot of people came into this eatingplace wearing all kinds of funny costumes.

After diner we search for a nice bar/pub to celebrate Carnival. We found the same pub as last year where we had lot of fun. Of course we had to wait in line to get in. Always happens if the bar/pub is popular. At last we don't have to pay entrance fee. After 20 min. we were in. The music was great. It was a mix of typical Carnivalmusic and popmusic. Lot of foreigners and people from the east/west and north of Netherlands come especially on saturday to celebrate Carnival. So it a great mixure! You won't find the typical Carnivaltradition in the pub, therefore you have to go to the smaller towns. We mengeled a lot with the people in the pub. Their was one big group of friends which dressed themself up in very funny way. The girls were "Verkade" girls (that is a cookielabel) and the boys where bakers. We had a great time. Around 12 pm /00.30 h we decide to search for another pub, but when we were outside we decide to go back to our hotel..............

Well, that is what we thought!

We called the taxibranch couple of times but it was so busy that after 2 hours waiting for the cab outside and still not coming, we decide to take the bus. We didn't want to wait anytime longer. Beter was that we would have spent this time in a pub! Where it is warm and nice. We had to walk all the way to the otherside of the city to catch the bus there to Prinsenbeek. As soon as we arrived at the hotel we all went to our rooms directly! We were cold and tired but had a great time!

Well, I only can speak for myself but I had a blast. Again next year, who will join me?




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The Travbuddygang
The Travbuddygang
The Travbuddygang
The Travbuddygang
photo by: Vlindeke