Athens, Day 4: Recovery

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The wild night life from Day 3 must have taken it's toll on us!  I slept in until 11 on this morning, showered and ran down to Scottie's room to try to catch up with him.  I was sure he had been up for hours.  Not the case, however, as it was clear that I woke him up when he came to the door!  I went on down to Zoe's Cafe in our hotel and had some coffee while I waited for him.  We had a good breakfast -- eggs, bacon and toast (complete with my own traveling bottle of Green Tabasco hot sauce!) and laughed about the adventures of the night before.

We took a walk outside the hotel and ended up at a nice coffee shop where we stopped and did postcards and had some more caffeine.  As we were walking back to the hotel Scott said he wanted to head down to the Temple of Zeus.  I asked if he was crazy, as it was now 4pm, and the temple gates closed at 2:30.  He told me that he thought it was 11am.  I reminded him that he had got up at 11:30 this morning, so it was highly unlikely it was 11am.  I guess he was hurting from last night's fun!

Stelios came by the hotel around 7, and we met in the bar for some drinks before going out to dinner.  We went to a nice restaurant in Gazi District called "Mamacas."  The wait staff there really stood out -- they were all dressed in black pants or skirts, tight white tee-shirts, and white aprons.  They were all very good looking too.  Nice presentation!  And the food was awesome too -- I had lamb with potatoes and tsatsiki with beet root.  It was quite good.  Stelios and Scottie had beef filets and loved them.  We passed on dessert. 

We went to a nearby club called Soledad.  It was small but quite fun.  More of a neighborhood kind of club.  We had a lot of fun talking, drinking and laughing.  We stayed out until 2:30.

Despite it being a low-key day, it was actually quite nice to do for a change.  I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!

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photo by: Johnpro