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Today we went white water rafting with River Junkies that was so widely advertised at Scuba Junkies in Semporna. We got picked up from our hostel by Jeffrey, our driver, and were immediately impressed as we had a jeep to the 2 of us with plenty of room. We followed the rest of the rafting group who were in a mini bus and made the 2.5 hour trip to Tenom. We drove through the beautiful Crocker Ranges to get to Tenom, and once there we had lunch at a local restaurant of sweet and sour chicken with rice.

Then we went to the train station to board the Last Train in Borneo. There was only a small carriage, which the locals quickly filled, so we all got on the open trailer at the back. The trailor was just a long metal platform on wheels and was incredibly hot so we all sat on life jackets to stop our bums from burning! We travelled through the mountainous countryside alongside the river for about 25 minutes.

Once at our destination, we walked along the track to the River Junkies hut to collect our helmets, life jackets and to get our safety briefing. The guides were really good and a lot of fun, a lot better and so much more friendly than the international staff at Scuba Junkies!!

We then walked back along the track just as the rain hammered down. The rafts were put onto trolleys and pulled along the track behind us!The rain came down pretty heavy and we were all soaked through before we had even got on the river! We set sail in 2 rafts, we were in with another English couple, Steve and Jo, an aussie who was one of the Scuba Junkie instructors who had just left the day before and our guide, who was called 'Kamikazee'. He had Man United shorts on too.


Off we went along the river, the first rapids were a nice little warm up and then into the more exciting stuff! The next lot were pretty high and we were all chucked about like rag dolls! We kept on paddling though, me and Jo were screaming at the boys to " Keep Paddling!!!" so we didn't capsize or get sucked into the rather lethal looking rapids! We got through and it was a lot of fun, even though I swallowed half the river! The next bit was the 'washing machine' the Grade IV bit that I was a little concerned about, especially as our guide was giving us tips on what to do when we capsize or get 'sucked in'. But the A-Team got through without going in and I was quite relieved as it did look like an angry whirlpool!!

The river carried on going from very gentle rapids to the odd bit of Grade III.

The river was a lot of fun but wasn't the best in terms of rapids we have experienced. The second half of the river got a bit dull as there were only a few rapids but was nice to paddle along all the same.

As we neared the end the rain came down again thick and fast and we got changed at the train station and waited for the train back. The train journey was probably more scary than the rapids were! The driver was determined to get back at lightening speed, not really appropriate for an ancient rattling train that was barely hanging onto the rail!!

Jeffrey was waiting for us and we had an hours drive back to KK. Straight out to dinner with Steve and Jo as we were all starving! We didn;t take a camera with us so the pictures are stolen from Steve - thanks mate!!

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photo by: siri