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So this is our 2.5 year trip!! One year on the long and bumpy road of South and Central America. Our second year started off with 12 weeks in New Zealand, then we headed to Australia! Eagerly clutching our working holiday visas we stayed in Australia for one year for work and travel. The last leg of our 30-month trip was 3.5 months in SE Asia. (We are home now and oh how we miss travelling!)

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September 27th, 2006Norwich, England
September 28th, 2006Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 1st, 2006Rosario, Argentina
October 3rd, 2006Posadas, Argentina
October 5th, 2006Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
October 6th, 2006Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
October 8th, 2006Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 16th, 2006Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 18th, 2006Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 21st, 2006Puerto Madryn, Argentina
October 23rd, 2006Puerto Piramides, Argentina
October 25th, 2006Rio Gallegos, Argentina
October 25th, 2006El Calafate, Argentina
October 26th, 2006El Calafate, Argentina
October 27th, 2006Ushuaia, Argentina
October 30th, 2006Ushuaia, Argentina
October 31st, 2006Antarctica, Antarctica
October 31st, 2006Beagle Channel, Chile
November 2nd, 2006Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
November 3rd, 2006Puerto Natales, Chile
November 5th, 2006Torres Del Paine, Chile
November 6th, 2006Torres Del Paine, Chile
November 7th, 2006Torres Del Paine, Chile
November 8th, 2006Torres Del Paine, Chile
November 9th, 2006Torres Del Paine, Chile
November 10th, 2006Torres Del Paine, Chile
November 10th, 2006Puerto Natales, Chile
November 12th, 2006El Chalten, Argentina
November 14th, 2006El Chalten, Argentina
November 15th, 2006El Chalten, Argentina
November 16th, 2006El Chalten, Argentina
November 19th, 2006El Calafate, Argentina
November 21st, 2006Bariloche, Argentina
November 24th, 2006Bariloche, Argentina
November 26th, 2006Nahuel Huapi, Argentina
November 29th, 2006Villa La Angostura, Argentina
December 2nd, 2006Junin de los Andes, Argentina
December 5th, 2006Junin de los Andes, Argentina
December 6th, 2006Junin de los Andes, Argentina
December 8th, 2006Mendoza, Argentina
December 13th, 2006Santiago, Chile
December 16th, 2006Santiago, Chile
December 17th, 2006Panama City, Panama
December 17th, 2006Bocas del Toro, Panama
December 28th, 2006Bocas del Toro, Panama
December 31st, 2006Bocas del Toro, Panama
January 5th, 2007San Jose, Costa Rica
January 9th, 2007La Fortuna, Costa Rica
January 13th, 2007Monteverde, Costa Rica
January 14th, 2007Puntarenas, Costa Rica
January 16th, 2007Quepos, Costa Rica
January 17th, 2007Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
January 24th, 2007Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
January 26th, 2007San Jose, Costa Rica
January 30th, 2007San Jose, Costa Rica
January 31st, 2007Sarapiqui, Costa Rica
February 1st, 2007Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
February 3rd, 2007Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
February 4th, 2007Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
February 5th, 2007Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
February 8th, 2007La Fortuna, Costa Rica
February 9th, 2007Arenal, Costa Rica
February 10th, 2007La Fortuna, Costa Rica
February 11th, 2007Sarapiqui, Costa Rica
February 12th, 2007Sarapiqui, Costa Rica
February 20th, 2007Los Chiles, Costa Rica
February 21st, 2007San Carlos, Nicaragua
February 22nd, 2007Managua, Nicaragua
February 24th, 2007Granada, Nicaragua
February 27th, 2007Granada, Nicaragua
March 1st, 2007Leon, Nicaragua
March 2nd, 2007Leon, Nicaragua
March 3rd, 2007Telica, Nicaragua
March 6th, 2007Leon, Nicaragua
March 8th, 2007Esteli, Nicaragua
March 9th, 2007Somoto, Nicaragua
March 11th, 2007Ocotal, Nicaragua
March 12th, 2007Esteli, Nicaragua
March 14th, 2007San Salvador, El Salvador
March 17th, 2007Aguilares, El Salvador
March 17th, 2007San Salvador, El Salvador
March 18th, 2007Suchitoto, El Salvador
March 19th, 2007Santa Ana, El Salvador
March 20th, 2007Ahuachapan, El Salvador
March 20th, 2007Tacuba, El Salvador
March 21st, 2007Tacuba, El Salvador
March 21st, 2007Juayua, El Salvador
March 22nd, 2007Apaneca, El Salvador
March 23rd, 2007Sonsonate, El Salvador
March 23rd, 2007San Salvador, El Salvador
March 24th, 2007Guatemala City, Guatemala
March 24th, 2007Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
March 31st, 2007Tajumulco, Guatemala
April 1st, 2007Tajumulco, Guatemala
April 7th, 2007Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
April 16th, 2007San Andres Xecul, Guatemala
April 21st, 2007Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan, Guatemala
April 22nd, 2007Santa Clara La Laguna, Guatemala
April 23rd, 2007San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala
April 23rd, 2007Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
April 27th, 2007San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico
April 29th, 2007San Juan, Mexico
April 30th, 2007Palenque, Mexico
May 1st, 2007Palenque, Mexico
May 1st, 2007Misol-Ha, Mexico
May 1st, 2007Agua Azul, Mexico
May 2nd, 2007El Remate, Guatemala
May 3rd, 2007Tikal, Guatemala
May 4th, 2007Benque Viejo, Belize
May 4th, 2007Belize City, Belize
May 4th, 2007Dangriga, Belize
May 5th, 2007Tobacco Caye, Belize
May 6th, 2007Hopkins, Belize
May 8th, 2007Placencia, Belize
May 10th, 2007Puerto Cortez, Honduras
May 10th, 2007San Pedro Sula, Honduras
May 13th, 2007Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras
May 14th, 2007Copan, Honduras
May 16th, 2007Guatemala City, Guatemala
May 17th, 2007Lanquin, Guatemala
May 18th, 2007Semuc, Guatemala
May 19th, 2007Guatemala City, Guatemala
May 20th, 2007Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
May 23rd, 2007Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
May 23rd, 2007Zunil, Guatemala
May 24th, 2007Guatemala City, Guatemala
May 24th, 2007San Salvador, El Salvador
May 25th, 2007San Jose, Costa Rica
May 26th, 2007Panama City, Panama
May 31st, 2007Cartagena, Colombia
June 2nd, 2007La Boquilla, Colombia
June 4th, 2007Bogota, Colombia
June 12th, 2007Zipaquira, Colombia
June 13th, 2007San Gil, Colombia
June 15th, 2007Barichara, Colombia
June 16th, 2007Bucaramanga, Colombia
June 17th, 2007Cucuta, Colombia
June 18th, 2007Merida, Venezuela
June 23rd, 2007Merida, Venezuela
June 24th, 2007Merida, Venezuela
June 26th, 2007Merida, Venezuela
June 30th, 2007Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela
July 3rd, 2007La Paragua, Venezuela
July 3rd, 2007Canaima, Venezuela
July 5th, 2007Angel Falls, Venezuela
July 6th, 2007Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela
July 8th, 2007Santa Elena de Uairen, Venezuela
July 9th, 2007Gran Sabana, Venezuela
July 10th, 2007Boa Vista, Brazil
July 11th, 2007Manaus, Brazil
July 12th, 2007Manaus, Brazil
July 13th, 2007Santarem, Brazil
July 15th, 2007Alter do Chao, Brazil
July 20th, 2007Santarem, Brazil
July 22nd, 2007Belem, Brazil
July 24th, 2007Brasilia, Brazil
July 26th, 2007Campo Grande, Brazil
July 27th, 2007Pantanal, Brazil
July 28th, 2007Pantanal, Brazil
July 29th, 2007Pantanal, Brazil
July 30th, 2007Pantanal, Brazil
July 30th, 2007Campo Grande, Brazil
August 1st, 2007Ciudad del Este, Paraguay
August 1st, 2007Foz do Iguacu, Brazil
August 2nd, 2007Foz do Iguacu, Brazil
August 4th, 2007Buenos Aires, Argentina
August 7th, 2007Bariloche, Argentina
August 8th, 2007Llao Llao, Argentina
August 10th, 2007Osorno, Chile
August 10th, 2007Villarrica, Chile
August 14th, 2007Santiago, Chile
August 14th, 2007Calama, Chile
August 14th, 2007San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
August 16th, 2007Arica, Chile
August 16th, 2007La Paz, Bolivia
August 18th, 2007Copacabana, Bolivia
August 19th, 2007Isla del Sol, Bolivia
August 20th, 2007La Paz, Bolivia
August 23rd, 2007Santa Cruz, Bolivia
August 26th, 2007Guarayos, Bolivia
August 31st, 2007Guarayos, Bolivia
September 2nd, 2007Guarayos, Bolivia
September 12th, 2007Santa Cruz, Bolivia
September 14th, 2007Yacuiba, Bolivia
September 15th, 2007Salta, Argentina
September 19th, 2007Mendoza, Argentina
September 20th, 2007Santiago, Chile
September 22nd, 2007Auckland, New Zealand
September 27th, 2007Huka Falls, New Zealand
September 28th, 2007Taupo, New Zealand
September 29th, 2007Tongariro, New Zealand
September 29th, 2007Wanganui, New Zealand
October 1st, 2007Wellington, New Zealand
October 2nd, 2007Picton, New Zealand
October 3rd, 2007Nelson, New Zealand
October 6th, 2007Saint Arnaud, New Zealand
October 8th, 2007Abel Tasman, New Zealand
October 10th, 2007Nelson, New Zealand
October 12th, 2007Hamner Springs, New Zealand
October 13th, 2007Methven, New Zealand
October 14th, 2007Methven, New Zealand
October 15th, 2007Oamaru, New Zealand
October 16th, 2007Dunedin, New Zealand
October 17th, 2007Queenstown, New Zealand
October 27th, 2007Glenorchy, New Zealand
October 27th, 2007Kinloch, New Zealand
October 29th, 2007Arrowtown, New Zealand
October 29th, 2007Queenstown, New Zealand
October 31st, 2007Queenstown, New Zealand
November 3rd, 2007Wanaka, New Zealand
November 4th, 2007Wanaka, New Zealand
November 5th, 2007Wanaka, New Zealand
November 6th, 2007Franz Josef, New Zealand
November 9th, 2007Hokitika, New Zealand
November 10th, 2007Christchurch, New Zealand
November 12th, 2007Akaroa, New Zealand
November 13th, 2007Hanmer Springs, New Zealand
November 15th, 2007St James Walkway, New Zealand
November 17th, 2007Maruia Springs, New Zealand
November 17th, 2007Nelson, New Zealand
November 23rd, 2007Wainui, New Zealand
November 24th, 2007Totaranui, New Zealand
November 24th, 2007Onetahuti Beach, New Zealand
November 25th, 2007Totaranui, New Zealand
November 28th, 2007Wellington, New Zealand
November 28th, 2007Turangi, New Zealand
November 30th, 2007Rotorua, New Zealand
November 30th, 2007Whangarei, New Zealand
November 30th, 2007Haruru, New Zealand
December 1st, 2007Paihia, New Zealand
December 2nd, 2007Kerikeri, New Zealand
December 3rd, 2007Kauri, New Zealand
December 4th, 2007Takapuna, New Zealand
December 10th, 2007Sydney, Australia
December 25th, 2007Sydney, Australia
December 31st, 2007Sydney, Australia
January 14th, 2008Clovelly, Australia
February 2nd, 2008Katoomba, Australia
February 3rd, 2008Leura, Australia
February 3rd, 2008Sydney, Australia
February 5th, 2008Sydney, Australia
March 1st, 2008Sydney, Australia
March 3rd, 2008Sydney, Australia
March 7th, 2008Melbourne, Australia
March 9th, 2008Port Campbell, Australia
March 10th, 2008Lorne, Australia
March 12th, 2008Healesville, Australia
March 14th, 2008Khancoban, Australia
March 15th, 2008Jindabyne, Australia
March 16th, 2008Narooma, Australia
March 18th, 2008Kiama, Australia
March 20th, 2008Katoomba, Australia
March 21st, 2008Sydney, Australia
March 25th, 2008Canberra, Australia
March 26th, 2008Albury, Australia
March 27th, 2008St.Kilda, Australia
April 1st, 2008Melbourne, Australia
May 25th, 2008Belgrave, Australia
May 25th, 2008St.Kilda, Australia
May 30th, 2008Brisbane, Australia
June 2nd, 2008St.Kilda, Australia
June 28th, 2008Melbourne, Australia
August 31st, 2008Melbourne, Australia
September 27th, 2008Hobart, Australia
September 28th, 2008Richmond, Australia
September 28th, 2008Swansea, Australia
September 29th, 2008Bicheno, Australia
September 29th, 2008Deloraine, Australia
September 30th, 2008Mount Wellington, Australia
September 30th, 2008Eaglehawk Neck, Australia
October 1st, 2008Port Arthur, Australia
October 2nd, 2008Hobart, Australia
October 2nd, 2008Tullamarine, Australia
October 2nd, 2008Perth, Australia
October 4th, 2008Geraldton, Australia
October 5th, 2008Denham, Australia
October 7th, 2008Denham, Australia
October 8th, 2008Monkey Mia, Australia
October 9th, 2008Kalbarri, Australia
October 10th, 2008Kalbarri, Australia
October 11th, 2008Dongara, Australia
October 11th, 2008Northampton, Australia
October 12th, 2008Cervantes, Australia
October 14th, 2008Yanchep, Australia
October 14th, 2008Fremantle, Australia
October 17th, 2008The Humpback Highway, Australia
October 18th, 2008Rockingham, Australia
October 19th, 2008Sorrento Beach, Australia
October 19th, 2008Fremantle, Australia
October 20th, 2008Cottesloe, Australia
October 20th, 2008Kings Park, Australia
October 21st, 2008Rottnest Island, Australia
October 22nd, 2008Fremantle, Australia
October 22nd, 2008Sydney, Australia
October 29th, 2008Cairns, Australia
October 30th, 2008Port Douglas, Australia
October 30th, 2008Cape Tribulation, Australia
October 30th, 2008Cairns, Australia
October 31st, 2008Innisfail, Australia
October 31st, 2008Millaa Millaa, Australia
October 31st, 2008lake eacham, Australia
October 31st, 2008Cairns, Australia
November 1st, 2008thetford reef, Australia
November 2nd, 2008Cairns, Australia
November 3rd, 2008Kuranda, Australia
November 4th, 2008Brisbane, Australia
November 4th, 2008Glasshouse Mountains, Australia
November 4th, 2008Beerwah, Australia
November 5th, 2008Landsborough, Australia
November 5th, 2008Noosaville, Australia
November 7th, 2008Fraser Island, Australia
November 9th, 2008Noosaville, Australia
November 15th, 2008Brisbane, Australia
November 15th, 2008Gold Coast, Australia
November 16th, 2008Gold Coast, Australia
November 19th, 2008Darwin, Australia
November 21st, 2008Alice Springs, Australia
November 21st, 2008Kings Canyon, Australia
November 23rd, 2008Mount Conner, Australia
November 23rd, 2008Yulara, Australia
November 24th, 2008Uluru - Kata Tjuta, Australia
November 25th, 2008Uluru - Kata Tjuta, Australia
November 25th, 2008Stuart's Well, Australia
November 25th, 2008Alice Springs, Australia
November 27th, 2008West MacDonnell Ranges, Australia
November 27th, 2008Barrow Creek, Australia
November 27th, 2008The Tropic of Capricorn, Australia
November 27th, 2008Wycliffe Well, Australia
November 28th, 2008The Devil's Marbles, Australia
November 28th, 2008Tennant Creek, Australia
November 28th, 2008Daly Waters, Australia
November 28th, 2008Mataranka, Australia
November 29th, 2008Katherine, Australia
November 30th, 2008Nitmiluk National Park, Australia
December 1st, 2008Nitmiluk National Park, Australia
December 2nd, 2008Kakadu National Park, Australia
December 2nd, 2008Adelaide River, Australia
December 3rd, 2008Litchfield National Park, Australia
December 4th, 2008Territory Wildlife Park, Australia
December 4th, 2008Berry Springs, Australia
December 5th, 2008Darwin, Australia
December 8th, 2008Singapore
December 10th, 2008Malacca, Malaysia
December 12th, 2008Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
December 13th, 2008Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
December 15th, 2008KM 53, Malaysia
December 17th, 2008Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia
December 18th, 2008Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia
December 18th, 2008Sandakan, Malaysia
December 21st, 2008Sepilok, Malaysia
December 22nd, 2008Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, Malaysia
December 22nd, 2008Sandakan, Malaysia
December 24th, 2008Semporna, Malaysia
December 26th, 2008Sibuan, Malaysia
December 27th, 2008Sipadan, Malaysia
December 27th, 2008Mabul, Malaysia
December 30th, 2008Semporna, Malaysia
December 31st, 2008Semporna, Malaysia
January 1st, 2009Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
January 2nd, 2009Tenom, Malaysia
January 2nd, 2009Beaufort, Malaysia
January 3rd, 2009Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
January 5th, 2009Labuan, Malaysia
January 5th, 2009Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
January 6th, 2009Miri, Malaysia
January 7th, 2009Kuching, Malaysia
January 9th, 2009Kuching, Malaysia
January 13th, 2009Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
January 15th, 2009Vientiane, Laos
January 16th, 2009Vang Vieng, Laos
January 17th, 2009Vang Vieng, Laos
January 19th, 2009Luang Prabang, Laos
January 21st, 2009Luang Prabang, Laos
January 23rd, 2009Tat Sae , Laos
January 24th, 2009Tat Sae , Laos
January 25th, 2009Tat Sae , Laos
January 27th, 2009Ban Nonsavath , Laos
January 28th, 2009Ban Nonsavath , Laos
January 28th, 2009Luang Prabang, Laos
January 30th, 2009Louang Namtha, Laos
January 31st, 2009Muang Sing, Laos
February 1st, 2009Nam Ha NPA, Laos
February 2nd, 2009Nam Ha NPA, Laos
February 3rd, 2009Nam Ha NPA, Laos
February 4th, 2009Nam Ha NPA, Laos
February 4th, 2009Louang Namtha, Laos
February 5th, 2009Huay Xai, Laos
February 5th, 2009Chiang Khong, Thailand
February 5th, 2009Chiang Rai, Thailand
February 6th, 2009Chiang Mai, Thailand
February 10th, 2009Bangkok, Thailand
February 11th, 2009Aranyaprathet, Thailand
February 11th, 2009Poipet, Cambodia
February 11th, 2009Siem Reap, Cambodia
February 12th, 2009Angkor, Cambodia
February 13th, 2009Bakong, Cambodia
February 14th, 2009Angkor, Cambodia
February 15th, 2009Banteay Srei, Cambodia
February 16th, 2009Angkor, Cambodia
February 16th, 2009Phnom Penh, Cambodia
February 19th, 2009Kep, Cambodia
February 20th, 2009Koh Tonsay, Cambodia
February 22nd, 2009Phnom Penh, Cambodia
February 24th, 2009Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
February 25th, 2009Cu Chi, Vietnam
February 26th, 2009Can Tho, Vietnam
February 27th, 2009Rach Gia, Vietnam
February 28th, 2009Phu Quoc, Vietnam
March 3rd, 2009Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
March 3rd, 2009Bangkok, Thailand
March 4th, 2009Yangon, Myanmar
March 6th, 2009Kalaw, Myanmar
March 9th, 2009Nyaungshwe, Myanmar
March 9th, 2009Inle Lake, Myanmar
March 11th, 2009Bagan, Myanmar
March 14th, 2009Mandalay, Myanmar
March 16th, 2009Amarapura, Myanmar
March 16th, 2009Ava, Myanmar
March 16th, 2009Sagaing, Myanmar
March 17th, 2009Mandalay, Myanmar
March 18th, 2009Yangon, Myanmar
March 19th, 2009Bangkok, Thailand
March 20th, 2009Doha, Qatar
March 21st, 2009Norwich, England