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This sums up driving in WA!!!

We arrived in Perth at around 11pm and decided that we wanted to sleep in a bed as opposed to the airport floor as originally intended. Of course this is where we find that every hotel and hostel we phone is full. Oh dear. Getting more and more tired by the minute (and perhaps realising that we are getting older) we saw the YMCA advertised in a brochure and decided to give one more hostel a go. We got in wohooho!! Went outside and caught the 1230am shuttle into the city and got dropped off at the door. The YMCA in Perth is, to sum up, a shit hole. If you are staying in Perth, book ahead rather than leaving it to the last minute like us and go anywhere but the YMCA. It appeared to be the stopping place for the druggies and unaware of others types. We had people bashing on the floor security door screaming at each other at 3am, a nice young man walking along the corridor grogging away chinese style and then there were the drug using implements lying around the bathrooms. Nice.

So yeah we got out of there first thing in the morning. We collected our campervan once it was ready and off we went! Our new campervan is brilliant and we have called her Cameron, or Cam for short (Cam the Campervan, yes thats right).  

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This sums up driving in WA!!!
This sums up driving in WA!!!
photo by: cimtech