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We drove from Ayers Rock to the Olgas, about 40km away. We arrived at about midday and both pretty tired from an early start, we crashed out in the campervan with all the doors open. It was absolutely boiling hot so staying out of the midday sun in the shade of the van was a good idea. On waking from our nap a storm came overhead again and chucked it down. So wehad a game of scrabble to wait out the rain.

We decided to do the short walk to the gorge, and when we started the skies had cleared to a beautiful blue. We walked along the rocky path with the huge walls of the Olgas looming around us. The end of the path looked through the narrow gorge and after a few pics we headed back, just as some very dark clouds came over. We picked up the pace and started to jog back towards the van but we couldn't outrun the rain.

The lightening cracked and the thunder boomed all around and as if someone turned on a huge tap, the rain very suddenly poured down. We wre soaked in seconds and the rain came down so hard that one of my contact lenses bounded out! We couldn't see a thing through the rain and it was actually quite scary for a few minutes there. The rocks bcame ver slippery and I was terrified we would get struck by lightening. I didn't really want that on my birthday!

We made it back though and as we jogged past the shelters at the car park, a bus load of Chinese tourists were huddled in the dry under the shelters and all cheered at us as we went passed. There were several flashes as they all took pictures of us soaked through and drippig wet jogging through the puddles. Just as soon as we got back to the van, the rain stopped and the clouds cleared. What we got then was the Olgas version of what we witnessed at Ayers Rock earlier that morning, with waterfalls gushing down the rock walls. Was a tremedous sight to see, twice in one day!  

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Alarm goes off at 445am - Happy Birthday to me!!! Up, chuck on clothes, clean teeth and off we go, heading out to Ayers Rock for the sunrise. The weather is still not great with big dark clouds all around so wasn't expecting a great sunrise.

We arrived with a lot of other vehicles at the designated sunrise spot and stood there marvelling at this magnificent rock. As the sun came up, a few rays got though the thick cloud and we got to see the awesome colour changes from greyish-red to orange to bright red. Was incredible. 

Back in the van and drove around a bit until we got to the car park at the point called Mala and we ate brekkie whilst staring at the rock, now very close to us. We then headed off on the 10km walk around the base of the Rock.

 Still early, we set off at about 630am, with plenty of water, sun block and my huge silly hat. We didn't get far when the rumble of thunder indicated a soaking was about to happen and sure enough the rain came down very suddenly and heavy. We kept the worst off with our plastic ponchos but stood under a shelter for the worst of the storm. As the rain eased we heard what sounded like a waterfall, and to our amazement, we looked up at the Rock, and saw water gushing down in streams everywhere, like loads of mini waterfalls. Was just incredible. After taking a zillion pics, we carried on the walk and had to dodge huge puddles. The water continued to pour down the sides of the Rock as we walked. 

The Rock is simply stunning. The walk around the base is well worth doing and we were so glad we set off early as the heat soared. We got back to the van at about 10am and it was alread sweltering heat. Time to drive to the Olgas and have a nap. Oh and open pressies and cards!  

Uluru - Kata Tjuta
photo by: Morle