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Photos to follow!!!

We took the 2 day Mekong Delta trip from Saigon but instead of coming back to Saigon on the second day, we will be taking the bus onto Rach Gia then onto Phu Quoc the next day. The office that we booked the trip through booked our bus to Rach Gia and also our ferry to Phu Quoc for us.

Day 1 and we arrived at the office at 830am to get onto the minibus with the rest of our group. It was a bit disorganised and tour guide didn't introduce himself or even say hello, just got on the bus and about half an hour on the road spoke to us in his broken english to say where we were headed. We arrived at a busy riverside town and took a motor boat across the huge Mekong river. We then got onto little canoes and with traditional vietnam straw hats, floated down the tiny waterways that were lined with high bamboo trees. These waterways were brilliant, and we got to see the life of the Mekong as locals went about their usual day rowing themselves along the inlets. We stopped at a toffee making factory and tried some delicious coocnut toffee. We ended up buying some as it was so good! Back on the boat and we stopped again for lunch, at a small restaurant that also had some honeybees. As we sipped on the honey tea, several bees buzzed around us trying to find their honey that had been stolen from them!

After lunch we were back on the canoe boats and then stopped again at another place to listen to some very strange 'local music' and eat some rather nice fruits. Back to the canoes and along the bamboo-lined waterways back to the Mekong. Once back on the bus, we drove a little way then had to wait about an hour until another bus came to collect us and take others back to Saigon. The trip was a bit disorganised and we had to wait in the boiling sun in the early afternoon for the other bus to turn up. When we finally got on the bus, we then had another 3 hours to drive until we arrived in Can Tho. We were going to do a 'homestay' but as we didn't arrive until 730pm we decided to stay in the hotel with everyone else. At the homestay, we should have got the opportunity to go fishing, bike along the river, see the traditional way of life of the family and the area but as it was so late and dark by the time we got to Can Tho there didn't seem much point. We are glad we did as the homestay sounded a bit of a letdown. 2 girls opted for it and were taken by motorbike to the family at 8pm, so none of the activities were possible. They ate there and then slept outside in the 'garden' of the family with no bedding offered. Luckily they both had a sleeping bag!

We got dropped off at the hotel, which was OK , and headed out to find a restaurant. We found a little local place and after struggling with ordering something, we found the cheapest beer so far (8000 dong for a bottle, that's about 30p for just under a litre bottle!!). The food was good too, and so cheap!!

Day 2 of the trip, and after breakfast at the hotel, we took another motor boat on the Mekong to the floating market. There were several boats with various produce, like fruits and vegetables, and locals were buyign and selling in a frenzy. There were not as many boats as we thought there would be but it was interesting to see all the same. The boat then took us along a waterway to a rice making factory and then onto a rice paper factory, where sheets of rice paper were made and then noodles made from them. Back to town for lunch and then we had to wait a few hours for our bus to Rach Gia, whilst the rest of our group returned to Saigon.

SLC_DAS says:
do you think I can travel from Saigon to Rach Gia in one day with a car and driver and still see stuff. I know it is tight (and that is why I am willing to spend $ on the car) but, I do not have a 2nd day.
Posted on: Dec 27, 2009
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Can Tho
photo by: alanmica