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For Simon's birthday treat, we went out to the GB Reef on the Vagabond boat for 2 days, sleeping aboard the boat in little cabins somewhere out there on the Reef.

At 8am we set sail and it took 4 hours of sailing and horrible sea sickness for us all except Julie to get to the first part of the Reef on our trip. All feeling very sick, we bundled on our snorkelling gear and jumped into the beautiful clear warm sea. Sickness cured, off we swam! Now this is Australia and we jumped into the sea that was 20 metres deep in order to swim about 30 metres to get to the Reef. With all the horror stories of man-eating sharks and deadly jelly fish in my head, it took a while to get in the water and then a panicky few minutes of swimming to get to the coral. Once over the reef, I was so glad I got in as the underwater world of the reef is absolutely amazing.
There were beautiful fish of all sizes and colours everywhere and  the spectacular coral was all around us. This was absolute bliss. We stayed in there for a long time until it was time to head back to the boat for a delicious lunch. This was how the 2 days on the boat went. We would sail to a part of the Reef, get on the snorkel masks and jump in.

On Sunday, our second day, we were in the water at 630am and Simon and I were so lucky to see a turtle swimming with such grace just a few metres in front of us. He saw us and swam away, not in much hurry, so we just floated there and watched him go, amazed at our luck of seeing such a beautiful creature. We saw so many fish, a few rays, some blue star fish, and endlessly changing coral, it really is a spectacular place to go. Simon had a go at diving too and loved it although the ear ache from the pressure was not a lot of fun!

Sleeping on the boat was a lovely experience, eating dinner on deck while watching the sun set over the ocean, just us and one other boat about 200 metres away was all the human prescence out there. Gently rocking to sleep in our cabin to the motion of the sea was fabulous!

An amazing trip, and we can't believe that we spent 2 days swimming on the Great Barrier Reef!!!
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thetford reef
photo by: siri