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Day 2 - a bike, a kayak, an elephant and our legs!!

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Day 2

Apart from being woken several times through the early hours by cockerals and barking dogs, we slept pretty well. We had breakfast of a hot tomato and vegiie mix with bread and then packed up. We hit the trail and trekked for the day along a fairly easy going path that went up and down the hills and through small villages. We stopped at a Hmong village, this one quite a bit more poor than the Kmu village we stayed at last night. Hmong means village high up in the hills so this village took a bit of a climb to get to. We didn't see any signs of running water that the other village did have. We came across a group of kids her were playing and took some pics of them. When we showed them the pictures on the play back that thought it was hilarious to see themselves on the screen.

Some of the older kids in the village kept pointing at Simo's scorpion tattoo and saying the Lao for scorpion. They also liked the look of my Tigger and Paddington keyring teddies that were swinging from my bag. I had to rescue them from a new life in the village, and from grubby hands!! The kids' feet looked like elephant skin from continual running about bare foot in the dust and dirt.

As we continued on the trek, we came to a river near another village where 2 young girls were trying to build a damn so that they could easily catch the small fish and anything else swimming about. They kept giggling and were very shy when we were there. We had lunch here and gave our leftovers to the girls.

After trekking all day in the heat, we arrived in a Lao village, this one a lot more affluent than the others we had seen, with electricity! We arrived at our homestay for the evening and had a similar set up with the bed. We stayed in one big room with the family but we were all divided by curtains so there was privacy at least. We ate dinner of the usual sticky rice, veggies and some seaweed crackers. We had seen the seaweed drying in sheets on reed boards in the villages. Sesame seeds and chili are added to them and then they are fried to create a kind of seaweed cracker. They were really good!  A few beers later and it was time for bed!

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A rice pounding machine!
A rice pounding machine!
How cool is this insect?!
How cool is this insect?!
Tat Sae
photo by: Jeroenadmiraal