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Day 1 - a bike, a kayak, an elephant and our legs!!

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We booked ourselves rather enthusiastically onto a 3-day trip from Luang Prabang. The beauty of having so many tourist agents in town is that you can choose whatever you want on the trip. We wanted to combine cycling, trekking, kayaking and staying in villages and so this is what we got!!

Day 1

We were collected from our hostel at 830am and driven around 20 minutes out of town in the back of one of the usual pick-up trucks. We chose a bike from the few that were waiting for us and then off we went with our guide, Thon. It was just the 2 of us and Thon so we were quite relieved as this meant we could go at our own pace on the bike! we soon went off the road and hit a bumpy dirt track. This was where the fun started as te track went up and down, enabling a bit of speed on the downhill, trying not to get thrown off on the bumpy rocky track.

We went past a brick 'factory' after around 2 hours on the track. Thon asked us if we wanted to stop and have a look. He said he hand't stopped here before with others and was interested in it as much as we were. About a dozen workers, men and woman, had a working cycle going on, making the bricks. 2 women then loaded the wet bricks onto a cart and took them to add to a line of them to dry in the sun. The workers were smiling at us and let us take photos, and the kids of the workers were looking at us in amazement. They looked half way between curious and terrified. Back on the bikes, Thon said that the workers said we wer the first tourists to stop at the brick farm and that their kids had never seen a westerner before. It felt amazing to know this!

The cycling continued with beautiful scenery all around.

We saw tiny pineapple trees growing in fields, and plenty of striking mountains all around. We crossed the Nam Khan river in a small boat and ate lunch on the other side, watching a woman bathed wearing the typical bathing item of a sarong, washing her feet and legs using a stone. Another woman washed clothes in the river, while her kids enjoyed playing in a boat on the bank. 

After around 5 hours of cycling we arrived in a small village where we stopped for a drink and a rest. The bikes were collected in a truck and we crossed the river again and trekked for about an hour to Ban Hoi Fai, a 'Kmu' village. We were welcomed by the villagers smiling and saying the Lao hello of Sabaidee to us. There were pigs, chickems, goats, dogs, and ducks everywhere, roaming between the wooden stilt houses, kids were running about playing and laughing.

The younger kids were naked from the bottom down, nappies are not the thing here!! There are 85 families in this village and we stayed with one family in their wooden house that is used by visiting tourits. We had a comfy bed made up on the floor on a mattress under a mossie net. Our guide cooked us dinner of sticky rice and some veggies and then chopped us up some sugar cane to have a go at, like the locals. It was very sweet watery stuff, nice but couldn't have a lot of it!

We went to bed tired and happy at a very respectable 830pm!!!

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Sugar cane prep!
Sugar cane prep!
Tat Sae
photo by: Jeroenadmiraal