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Did the tourist thing and went to Asutralia zoo or Steve Irwin's zoo as it is probably better known as. It is a big big place and took us the whole day to get around it but we thought that some of the enclosures were a bit on the tight side, which was surprising. The crocs were pretty awesome although again their homes were rather minimal, the ones overlooked by the canteen anyway.

The thing that really spoiled it a bit was how American the place was. Everything you could possibly think of to sell at a shop in a zoo had a cheesy picture of Steve on or if not Steve then Bindi patting an animal or Robert holding a baby croc. It was just all a bit over the top. The croc show that we were really looking forward to was a real disappointment with incredibly corny staff doing that whole crowd involvement thing and just making total arses of themselves.

It was very american and very un-australian. The big croc who came in was a winner though, we watched him jump right out of the water to catch some food. The croc watched every move the guy made and demonstrated how crocs can't move very fast on land.  

The other issue we had with the zoo was the price - $53 each, apparently it was half this a few years ago.

The good thing about the zoo is that staff walk around with different animals that you can then ask about and pat if needs be. A wombat was on the move but wasn't hanging about, but we got to stroke a baby fresh water croc and ask about him. The dingoes were walking about on a lead and lots of other animals were having some time out of their enclosures.

And then of course there was the ultimate in how to get tourists to part with their cash - hugging a koala. We eagerly got in the queue and for a very reasonable $15 (just imagine what they would charge for this in the UK) we got to hold a koala and got a photo taken. The Koala was called Lenny and was so gorgeous! He clung on with his claws and really hugged into me and sniffed my neck! He was so cute although I still think koalas look like Des Lynam.   

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photo by: siri