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Pics on their way in a few days......

Christmas eve and we got on a bus to Semporna. 5.5 hours later that seemed double that, we arrived in the busy seaside market town of Semporna and made our way to the hostel of Scuba Junkies, the company we had booked to do several snorkelling trips with over the next week.
Greeted by snooty and not very friendly international staff, we got to our room and very impressed with a big airy room for RM45 a night.

That evening, complete with flip flops and santa hat on, we went to the bar of Scuba Junkies and enjoyed a nice but expensive beer. There was not a lo of atmosphere in the bar and the people there were already in a little close knit group, not really interested in us newbies. We finished our beer and went for a stroll and came across another bar, the Turtle Cove, and found cheaper beer.
ACTUAL roast turkey!
Outside, we walked to a table and immediately were called over to join a big table of travellers who were staying, working and diving with Sipadan Scuba, a similar outfit to Scuba Junkies but a lot more friendly it seemed. Here we sat with our new buddies, drinking and being very merry. At some point, about 40 locals turned up all wearing red outfits, santa hats, huge wigs and were all very much on a mission. They poured into the bar and got straight onto the drinking and kareokee.
We went back to the Scuba Junkies bar later for some food, good and cheap if you stick to local food, and the place still had no atmosphere and its little clicky group that lifted an unfriendly eyebrow at us. Oh dear I hope the snorkelling trips are OK with this lot...

back at the fun bar, everyone was well on the way to a drunken state and the locals in the bar were in full swing.
Sitting on santa's lap, poor bastard
For some reason one of them was dressed in a long white gown with a viking style hat on! The fun and games continued and soon we were all dancing about like idiots and singing along to terrible renditions of Status Quo and similar 80's rock hits. At midnight, one of the english dive instructors donned a full santa outfit complete with sunglasses and a cigarette and the place became a room full of silly string and fake snow sprayed from cans. It was a lot of fun and we went to bed feeling happy and a little tipsy.

Christmas day was a very quiet one for us. Both feeling pretty crap from the night before we declined a snorkel trip today (an hour's boat trip was not the best idea in our fragile condition) so we had a lazy day with curry noodles for lunch. Tonight we have roast turkey, or the malaysian attempt at our hostel and will probably end up either having an early night ahead of our snorkel trip tomorrow or at the bar again.

Happy Christmas!!!!
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ACTUAL roast turkey!
ACTUAL roast turkey!
Sitting on santas lap, poor basta…
Sitting on santa's lap, poor bast…
The band, man
The band, man
photo by: Mysterious_Kish90