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Heard of the cold, windy city of Chicago? Well.. this day it was the cold, windy city of Old Fredrikstad. LOL... It was about 2-3 celsius and with the wind coming in from the ocean, it felt more like 5-8 minus... brrrr... lol

After taking a few picture my hands were so cold I decided to stop at a coffee shop and get some hot chocolate. Mmmmm.. yummi. There's hardly anything better then a cop of hot chocolate to warm you up on a day like this.

As we walked thru the town, the evidence of the old times was obvious, but at the same time some of the things you see are so modern, that it almost ruins the inprecion. Kinda wish they could have kept it even more as the old days... but I guess it's difficult to do so.  After all.. there are people both living and working there. :o) I found it quite amuzing that they have a Peppes Pizza there, but it goes real well with the consept of Peppes. (Going to write a review about Peppes, so I'll come back to it there. But in short every Peppes is "old").

In the middle of the town square you find a statue of King Fredrik II.

And if you close your eyes, you can almost imagine what life was like back then.
Today you can find different kind of stores, restaurants, coffee shops, bank and doctors office there. In addition, it's also a military base.

A little history about the town;

A safe town

It all began in 1567 when the king of Denmark-Norway decreed that the town of Sarpsborg, burned to the ground by arch enemy Sweden, should be rebuilt. The king bent his ear to a popular appeal to have the town resituated at a place that was easier to defend and had better living conditions.

The east bank of the Glomma estuary was the obvious choice, and for the first time in Norway a king let a town take its name from a person.

That person was the king himself; and Fredrikstad would prove itself a town worthy of a king. The inhabitants didn´t even complain that the man who christened the town never stopped there, but merely sailed past a couple of times. Then again, during his lifetime the place was more a building site than an arena in which this most social of kings could enjoy himself. He should have been around a century or two later, by which time he would have no difficulty getting his glass filled for a toast to a well-proportioned and attractive town. And a fortress that deterred the enemy.

The old Fortress Town is a part of our European heritage, and many regard it as an obvious candidate for a place on UNESCO´s World Heritage list. Why isn´t the Old Town on the list? There are several reasons, not least of all Fredrikstad´s desire to keep it an integrated part of the city´s life. The Old Town has existed and continues to exist without the aid of any "tourist attraction"-label with all the dangers of commercialisation that brings with it.

The real thing

The Old Town is "the real thing", an historic town with worn cobbles, narrow streets and  impressive buildings, but also hidden courtyards and alleyways. The sounds of marching feet and horse-drawn carriages have been replaced by the squeals of delighted children when they discover there are cannon her – and even better, they are real cannon.

- They used them to shoot at the Swedes! relates an enthralled 7-year old, and counts under his breath all 200 cannon that at one time were in position.

- 200, so-o-o many!!

That´s all it takes to put Fredrikstad´s Old Town on the map of a 7 year old imagination. Comics and TV-games can´t match the fascination of real cannon, real dungeons, real sniper positions and deep moats. And the first visit is rarely the last. So take your time. Let young imaginations wander at will through the narrow streets.


If you're interested in more about the Old Town, check out this link;

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Shane shoting some pics
Shane shoting some pics
It says; Fresh bread from 12pm :o)
It says; Fresh bread from 12pm :o)
Fredrikstad Fortress... buildt 1668
Fredrikstad Fortress... buildt 1668
the flag is for Princess Ingrid Al…
the flag is for Princess Ingrid A…
King Fredrik the second. Founder o…
King Fredrik the second. Founder …
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