Sometimes I'm a bit blond... gheghe..

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Seriously.. I'm a bit blond sometimes...

Today I had the great idea to apply for an ETA... haha... Me and English... bluhhh.. Well it's not that I have a problem with reading and writing, but a bunch of words.. toooooo many words.. Don't want to read them all.. Well ok.. So I did..

I sat down with my cup of tea, my creditcard and my passport.. I totally forgot that my boyfriend hasn't got a passport... So that was problem nr. 1!! Ggggrrrr... So next week I will send my boyfriend to the photographer and city hall.. I want to have it arranged in time..

Well as I clickt further on the 'next' button.. I filled in my creditcard details, my passport details etc.. And that was it!!
I was like... HUH!!! How can this be the end? I thaught that I had to fill in a lot of questions.. (problem nr. 2) So I called everyone up who travelled to Oz..
And later on when I read the stuff about a visa on you don't have to fill in a bunch of questions when you are visiting Australia for shorter than 3 months.. haha... And I said to everyone.. oh yes I read the visum stuff on

Sorry!!! My mistakeee... so that's why I'm a bit blond sometimes..

When you travel to Australia for shorter than 3 months the ETA/visa will make a link with your passport number.. how the hell did I know that!!! hahaha... =)

Olav70 says:
Sorry voor de naamsverwisseling. Ik had net een bericht aan iemand gestuurd die Patricia heet.
Posted on: May 01, 2008
nansje23 says:
Olav.. it's Nance.. not Patricia.. haha... :)
I bought my tickets at cheaptickets so they didn't arrange an via for me!!!!
Posted on: Apr 30, 2008
Olav70 says:
Hey Patricia,
just a small tip; next time when you go to Australia, just ask at your travel agent to arrange the ETA/visa for you when you're buying your ticket. Most of the time they do it without additional costs, they even offer it to you. (D-reizen did it for me) :-)
Posted on: Apr 29, 2008
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