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Dunk Island.. LOVELY!!!

Who has never dreamed of travelling to the other side of the world..

I know a lot of people who have never dreamed that and can't imagine that a country like Australia is on the other side of the world.. They are looking at me if I'm crazy when I talk about it and that I want to go their.. Well everyone has his own opinion about their life.. right? The one is having babies and sees nothing of the world and the other one can't get enough of travelling..

From this year I will see something of the world!! Every year I want to go to a different piece of the world.. hihi.. Make pictures, meet people, see al sorts of animals.. :) I only have seen 5% of the entire world!!! Terrible.. absolutely terrible.. haha.. ;-)

Finally me and my love booked our trip to Australia.

Map of Australia
It's been kind of hectic because my love didn't want to go for 6 months or a year like I wanted to.. So now we are going for 6,5 weeks.. (I know.. it's way to short but for now it's the best..) First let him fall in love with the country.. hihi.. and later maybe move to it.. haha.. LOL!

We will first visit family in Perth and stay there for about a week.. Go sightseeing in Perth.. and after that we will fly or to Adelaide or to Melbourne.. we're not sure which one we want to do.. we'll see.. and from there we will go to Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns.. and all the places we will drive by in our camper..

Our tickets are booked and paid and we are leaving on August 30 and will be back in Holland (unfortunately) on October 15. I hope to book our other flights within 2 months.

. and maybe our exursions.. But I think we will do it there.. and not here.. If we do it here it's more money.. I hate the Dutchies!! haha..

And I'm so in love with Dunk Island!!!! Totally in loveeeeee!!!! Maybe we will visit it when we are in Cairns and have some money left.. haha.. I doubt that but who knows.. who knows.. ;-) haha..

A short to-do-list that we want to do in Oz:

- see the whales in Perth passing by to the south
- meet the family for the first time
- go the 'famous' Australian Zoo in Brisbane (from Animal Planet with Steve Irwin)
- drive in a camper (here in Holland we will never do that! haha..)
- go to Philip Island
- drive the great ocean road
- go to see Sydney, the opera house, the bluemountains
- Go diving @ the Great Barrier Reef
- and maybe go surfing
- just do crazy things and see kewl stuff!!!

Our to-do-list is much and much longer.. haha.. but I don't know If we will see everything.. I guess not.. But you know what that means? We have to come back another time!! ;-)

Anyone who has any tips for me/us.. just let me know!!!

Sunflower300 says:
Have a wonderful trip! I'll keep an eye out on your travels and if I'm going to be anywhere near you we can catch up for a drink.
Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi! :)
Posted on: Jun 21, 2008
polvandenwirre says:
6,5 weeks too short??? Well, I did Australia in 4 weeks; for sure THAT is too short. I drove 8.000 kms in a comfortable 4x4 and I loves every single km. It's a great country...
Posted on: Mar 14, 2008
lennydee says:
Saampiesss!!!! :)
Posted on: Mar 07, 2008
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Dunk Island.. LOVELY!!!
Dunk Island.. LOVELY!!!
Map of Australia
Map of Australia
photo by: lauro