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Grand Palace. Dying from the heat but still very beautiful.
I leave Hong Kong and feel fine and arrive in Bangkok congested and not feeling the best. Got to love airline air.  Oh well at least I am not jet lagged, the stop over in Hong Kong worked.  Sort of.  Bedtime comes around 4am and body wants to wake up around 8am. 

I am never seen anything like Bangkok.  Traffic, traffic and more traffic.  I get in taxi and pay way toooooo much get to my hostel.  The taxi driver was very nice and I was surprised the car was a very nice Toyota with leather seats. He was not really sure the location of my hostel but he found it without too much trouble.  The place was called Big John's and was run by a large Australian.
Grand Palace
  I had read good and bad things about the hostel and Big John but the place and guy were fine as far as I was concerned.  The hostel does need some work but it was cheap and clean.  It was also near the Thong Lo Skytrain station which made getting around easy.  It was also on a quite street next a bridal store and some Japanese apartments. 

As soon I arrived I called a Bangkok friend named Ya and tried to set up a meeting place.  Trouble was the pay phone I was using sucked and her spoken English on the phone was not as good as her written so I had trouble getting the correct instructions.  Even after I thought I got it right I found out was in the wrong part of town.  I eventually found a worker at one of the more western shopping centre and had her phone Ya to get directions.
Grand Palace
This nice lady then wrote the directions in Thai that I could give to taxi driver.  40 minutes later I found myself talking to her in all places a Starbucks.  If you have ever been to Vancouver you will understand the irony here. 

The next day I met my other friend, Benny that was going to help me travel around Thailand.  She was still working a few more days so I had to spend a few days in Bangkok before we were ready to head off.  The first few days I forgot to take many photos and really spent most of my time walking near Nana Skytrain and in some of the nice shopping centers.  The heat was a bit much for me but the air con in the shopping centers and the cheap beers were helping a lot. 

One thing about Thailand I have never seen so many poor happy people.  I have been completely broke and was not happy at the time.  Thai people look happy most of the time.  Even my friend makes less money a month then I do in a day at my job. Needless to say I am paying for her travel around Thailand including food.  Good thing Thailand is cheap as long as you think about what you are doing.
aiohdmg says:
Wow..i like your writing. Ya, it made me understanding the western must more they are.

Posted on: Aug 26, 2009
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Grand Palace.  Dying from the heat…
Grand Palace. Dying from the hea…
Grand Palace
Grand Palace
Grand Palace
Grand Palace
Sitting in the shade and consideri…
Sitting in the shade and consider…
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