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Well one month of Thailand and it was time to head home.  I met great people and saw great things.  One last thing we did was head to the Bangkok Zoo.  I had promised to take Benny's daughter to the zoo so one morning we headed out with our favorite cabbie and I thought we were going to straight to the zoo. I was in for a surprise.

We took a slight detour to some of Benny's extended family and picked up her little girl's step sister and grandma.  Guess who was treating?  I hope that the home we were at was on the other side of Bangkok then the zoo because it took forever to drive there from where we were. 

The zoo was actually nice.  The only real zoo I have ever been to was the Seattle Washington zoo and that was many years ago.
  At the Bangkok zoo you can either drive your own car around what they call the safari but we chose to ride a bus run by the zoo.  We saw all sort of animals, were chased by lion and took lots of photos.  Later we walked around an area that had some killer whales, kangaroos  and many many small birds.  The girls loved this part as they ran and ran and basically had fun until they were exhausted.  

After that energetic day it was time for one last run to a laundry for clean clothes and pack.  One last ride with our favcourite cabbie and I was at the international airport and was beginning the long flight home.  20 hours later I was at home and not five minutes later my boos was calling to ask when I was ready to work next.  I am serious not five minutes, I had barely had a chance to put down my backpack and had yet to even take off my shoes.  Oh well I knew the next trip was only a few weeks away in April.

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photo by: Deats