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Bangkok: Some great breakfast food.

My flight leaves around noon so I have a few hours to search the streets for a suitable breakfast.  I end up finding a great fried egg that the vendor sells me with some rice and he suggests I get a serving of one of his other stir fries as well.  They all look good but I chose a nice looking one that has a red look to it.  The woman waiting her turn next to me says "Oh very Spicy" but that does not deter me. It ends up being about the right spiciness.  And the eggs are very tasty, perfectly cooked with onions.  And two servings for just 35 baht ($1.10) The stand has a few tables set up in a side alley of this side street of Silom.  Even at this hour there are several other people eating breakfast on the streets.

 With food so inexpensive and easy to find why cook at home.

Bangkok: A side soi in the Silom district.
  Which seems to be the case sinse all the stalls tend to be busy.  After this satisfying breakfast I wander back over to my favorite street market street (Silom 20) and look at that some more.  I wander through the meat market to see if I can see any chicken heads for sale.  I see some whole chickens with heads but not just the heads.  Maybe they are under the counter in a special place.

Anyway it is time to get back to my hotel and finish packing my bags and get myself to the airport.  I check out and they get me a taxi from the queue outside the hotel.  I end up getting to the airport for 275 baht plus the two tolls along the way (40 and 35 baht).  Not too bad.

Don Muang airport is the old outdated international airport for Bangkok and was converted into the domestic airport after the new Sawannapoom (hey it is spelled wrong but that is how you pronounce it)  airport was finished.

Bangkok: Meat in a market in Silom neighborhood.
  They are using only one of the wings of the terminal and as you are taxiing out you can see that there are many wings of the airport that are sitting empty and unused.  Quite a waste.  My Nok Air flight ends up getting delayed for an hour so I end up spending more time in the airport than I was hoping for.  It gave me some time to people watch I suppose. I noticed several men who had Thai women wth them.  Not sure what was going on there.   There is absolutely nothing to buy for food inside the waiting area. Also remember what gate your flight is at too because there are no reader boards in the terminal either.  My gate eventually got changed and I had to ask a gate attendant where my flight got changed to.  Eventually my flight took off and Nok Air turned out to be an OK airline.  They do charge for drinks and snacks so if you are cheap be sure to drink up before you enter the waiting area.  Hat Yai is not really a tourist town I guess becuase I was the only Farang on the plane.  I felt a little guilty when they were reading some of the announcements in English because I think I was the only one understanding them.

  The Hay Yai airport is pretty small which makes it nice in my book.  Pretty easy to get around.  My driver eventually shows up at the airport and we head out into the countryside towards the coast and Pak Bara.  This part of the country is my first view of rural life in Thailand.  Much diferent than the urban landscape of Bangkok.  It is green and lush here.  The houses in the countryside are fairly descent.  I only saw a few huts and those may have been used for field workers.  We passed through a couple of small towns and they all had a night market going that seemed to be very busy. One of the towns had wall to wall motor bikes parked along the streets for several hundred yards.  The driver drove very fast but he seemed to be very careful.  He didn't really pass on corners although he had the need to one time.  You see a lot of ladies on motor bikes riding around with their veils on.  This is the Muslim part of Thailand.  The wind was blowing the veils back and they were usually riding double.

Eventually, and pretty close to sunset, I arrived in Pak Bara and got dropped off at my guest house, the Grand Villa Guest House.  I got ushered up to my room and given my key without being spoken to in English.  Don't think they speak any here at this hotel.  The place was very clean and adequate though.  I headed down toward the main part of town to check it out before the sun went down.  Not a bad place.  There's stores, restaurants and a few travel agents and the pier where all the boats leave for places along the coast.

Back at the hotel I finally meet my guide for my sea kayak trip out in the Tarutau Islands.  She tells me to go try the restaurant just down the road that has a beachfront dining area.  I try that and get some spicy garlic shrimp, complete with the heads and all.  Pretty good but there were a lot of heads and bodies left over.  After dinner I walk around town a little and then go check my E-mail in town.  It is pretty cheap.  The custom in town here seems to be to leave your sandals at the door of all the stores, restaurants and grocery stores so be sure to have an easy pair of shoes to slip off.  This was the case at some of the places in Ko Lanta too.  Although in this town most of the places were that way.  I assume it was the Muslim influence and custom.  When in Rome......  It does keep the floors nice and clean though.  I go to a store for a beer and some water.  The stores in this town seem to have a pretty small selection.  Plenty of shelves but not that much to put on them.  There's enough of them though so you can usually get what you need.  I forgot to stock up on canned mackerel in tomato sauce though.  That sounded good.  Occasionally you hear a Muslim chanting in town over a loudspeaker.  Some of them are more melodic than others.

Back to my room to rest up for another big day tomorrow.......................

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