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Andaman Sea: Leaving behind Koh Lipe on the ferry.

I took a ferry from Ko Lipe to Ko Lanta.  It is about a 3 hour boat ride on the ferry.  The ferry actually moves along quite fast and the ocean slips by pretty quickly.  There is a little side-to-side rock to the boat and with the rapid forward motion it is rather relaxing.  I alternated between the airconditioned cabin and the open roof deck where I went when the scenery was nice. 

There are several small islands along the way and we passed some fishing boats.  The fishing boats tend to work at night so there was not much activity on them.  You can see their bright lights out at sea from the beach in most seaside towns.  We approached a steep rocky cliffed limestone rock formation island and the boat circled around the north point of it where we could see a beach on the east side of the island.

Andaman Sea: Coming up to Ko Lao Ling on the ferry.
  A few minutes later a speedboat came rushing out to drop off passengers for the ferry.  That was Ko Lao Ling.  It is a small island out in the middle of the Andaman sea.  I heard it has a couple of spendy restorts on it.

The next stop on the ferry was the port of Had Yao on the mainland that services the town of Trang.  It is a small town where you could catch a minivan and the train to the north.  There were steep sided limestone cliffs as a backdrop to the town.  We saw a cow or water buffallo being loaded onto a longtail boat on the shore as we came into the harbor.

Next stop was Ko Mook.  A few people got off here.  It looks like a small little quiet beach town.

Andaman Sea: Coming up to Ko Lao Ling on the ferry.
  From what I hear there are just a few higher end resorts.  I was talking to a couple who got off here and then I saw them a couple of days later in Ko Lanta. They said they couldn't find much to do on Ko Mook so they took a longtail boat to the mainland and then a van to Ko Lanta. 

Nest stop could have been Ko Nga but nobody was going there.  You could see it south of the boat and it looked like a nice little island.  Probably mainly spendy resorts.

After Ko Mook there were only 3 of us on the boat.  Me and a couple from Jamaica, who were actually from America (she was) and Sweden (he was) and they moved to Jamaica.  So with only 3 of us on the boat they decided to save fuel by going about half the original speed we were going before.  It wasn't all that far so it was ok.

Andaman Sea: The ferry coming into the port of Had Yao.
  The boat goes through the cut between Ko Lanta Noi and Ko Lanta Yai (the main island) and there are mangrove swamps on the shores.  I guess it was a very low tide because we stopped to make sure we had enough room under the boat to make it through.  At least that is what we gathered from the crew who spoke no English  but that is what we got from the hand signals we got from them.

The pier at Ko Lanta is in Saladan Town on the north point of the island.  Once again as in Pak Bara we did not get our boat directly up against the pier.  We had to walk across 3 other boats to get onto the pier.  It was a bit of a hike across them with heavy bags and jumping from one boat to the other.

Andaman Sea: The ferry coming into the port of Had Yao.

The ferry has a website at tigerline travel.com where you can get more info about the ferry I took. 

Once on shore I was hoping to find a good deal for a taxi to look for a hotel.  Most of them wanted 150 baht to go just about a mile or so into town.  The other couple on the boat struck up a good deal with a motorcycle taxi driver though.  They were going to the far side of the island and they could get me to my hotel for only 40 baht.  Our taxi driver was a Muslim woman wearing a veil.  We crammed the 3 of us and all our big baggage into her motor bike side car and took off.  We told her she scored all the pasengers on the boat and the other taxi drivers got nothing.

Ko Lanta: Coming into the ferry pier at Saladan town on Ko Lanta.
  She laughed at that.  She was pretty funny.   I had done some research on the internet for lodging and the Golden Bay Cottages looked like a good place to stay for 1400 baht.  We got there and they said that they didn't have any rooms for that price, just the higher price rooms.  So we headed back down the side street to a place we had seen on the way in.  This place was called Lanta Scenic Bungalow and they had a room for 1400 baht and I think it was a nicer room in the long run (see the review below for more info)  It was just 100 yard from the beach and 100 yard closer to town than the other place.

I settled in a little then teh guy at the front desk wanted me to pay for the room with cash and he said he would give me a ride into town to get some travelers checks cashed at one of the currency exchange booths.  There's lots of them to chose from in popular tourist towns and they are open till almost 9 PM.  So I hopped on the back of his motor bike and he got me into town.  I cashed some travelers checks and checked out the town. I knew I wanted to go diving at Ko Lanta so I thought I would check out the dive shops.  I stopped in at two shops and chose Lanta Diver.  They seemed like a big full service dive shop that seemed very responsible and had a full day trip including hotel pick up, breakfast, 2 dives and a lunch.  I wandered around town exploring a bit and then headed back to the bungalow. I walked back and forth between the room and town as it was only abouth a 10 or 15 minbute walk and the taxi drivers wanted 100 baht ($3) to drive you in their motorbike with sidecar.  It is nice to walk and see all the sights anyway.  You miss all the interesting things if you zip by in a car.  I stopped by the night market on the way back.  I tried some dragonfruit and one of their "red apples" which has more of a bell like shape than a pear does.  They were both good.

For dinner I checked out the beach and found that there were a lot of restaurants so I found one that had a good menu and had a real meal in a restaurant for once. I got a massaman curry dish that was very good.  Massaman curry is the muslim version of curry and I figured that sinse I was in the south of Thailand this would be a good place to try it.

I walked back to my bungalow along the beach.  Another good day in Paradise.

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