Day 2- Daytrip to Stonehenge

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Our day started early, as we left the house at about 8am. Our train to Salisbury was to leave at 9:15. We got on the train, and rode for about 1.5 hours. After reaching Salisbury, we got on a double-decker bus bound for Amesbury. Just outside Amesbury is where you’ll find Stonehenge. Traveling towards it, we all had our eyes peeled for it. When it finally came into view, we were amazed. Most people know what Stonehenge is, whether it’s through books or TV, but you don’t ever think you’re going to see something so famous. It’s a world landmark, and it was surreal to be seeing it in real-life. The closer we got, the more excited we got. It was fabulous.

We got back on the bus and travelled to Avebury. On our way there, we travelled though a little town called Marlborough, which was beautiful. It was closer to Avebury than it was to Amesbury, and it seemed to be a very old, but very gorgeous little place. We only passed through on the bus, though, as we were on our way to see another rock formation called Avebury Stone Circle (or Aveburyhenge). It took us about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there, but it, too, was fabulous, although not as well-known as Stonehenge. It was more interactive, in that you were able to actually touch the rocks, and even sit on them.


Please see my separate blog about Stonehenge :)

Back to Salisbury took another hour. Once there, we got back on the train to London. Once we got there, we went to Trafalgar Square. We had told each other that we would come back when we saw the big concert being set up the day before, so we kept our word, even though we were all really tired. There were loads of people there. We couldn’t actually see into the square, as there were high walls set up around the perimeter. We could see the top of the huge screen that was set up beside the stage, and on it we could see the actor Christopher Eccelston. We had missed most of what he said, so we had no clue as to what the concert was for, but we did gather that it was some sort of fundraising to raise awareness for something. Daniel Bedingfield was scheduled to perform, but we didn’t stay long enough to watch (or listen to it, I should say). It was terribly cold and windy, and we were super tired, so we left. Seeing as it was Sunday, we thought it would be smart to get home at a decent hour, as Sherron and Heather both had to work the next morning. Looking back in my travel journal, I wrote “It was a great day, with absolutely beautiful sights. I’m so happy that we did this today”.

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photo by: peppertm