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Akiko decided she wanted to have some more friend time without me hanging around so I decided to meet up with her brother and see him one last time.  He told me to meet him in a central Osaka shopping center next to what is called the Rocket Ship.  Not sure why there is a huge rocket model in the middle of the shopping center but it makes a very easy to find meeting place. 

I went into Osaka hours early so I could just wander around on my own and and that was what I was doing when I heard a thickly accented male voice say "I hope you speak English.".  I found, or more truthfully I was found by, a young Scot guy that looked desperate and lost.  Her had tried to get a cheap hotel but either they were full or would could not communicate with him.
  It was a holiday week in Japan but some of the cheaper hotels in Japan do not seem to like to do business with foreigners that do not speak Japanese.  It was getting late when he found me so he was very worried where he was going to stay so I knew I would need to help him.  Good thing for him that I was just about ot head off to meet my brother-in-law and I knew Daisuke could help.

Not only was Daisuke willing to help he was excited to have the Scot stay at his place.  So after a quick coffee at a Starbucks we headed off to meet Daisuke's wife and then off to a noodle cafe for dinner.  I am not so sure Kimiko was as happy to have the extra body in her house as I was already going to stay over and we all know how small Japanese homes are.

Another funny thing happened in the cafe.
  This restaurant was under one of the main Osaka JR stations and for some reason it did not have its own restrooms.  Anytime you felt nature call you had to leave the restaurant and head into the main station to take of business.  The funny thing is that every time you enter most Japanese businesses the staff welcome to you and every time you leave they yell thank you.  We were partying pretty good and beer seems to go right through me so I was in and out of the cafe quite often.  So I was thanked, welcomed, thanked again and welcomed once more.  The first couple of times it was funny but after a while it was a bit tiresome but still kind of funny.

The next day we all left for Nara to see one more temple.  The temple in Nara has one of the largest Buddhas in the world.  It really really is huge.  Each ringlet of hair on the Buddha's head is the size of a man.  In fact you could somewhat easily crawl through the ringlet if it was not so high up and the fact you would quickly get arrested by the local police.  The visit to the temple was helped by the fact that Daisuke new a fair amount about it and he could tell us a few things to make what we were seeing make more sense.  It was slightly ruined by the fact the temple had several gift shops selling of all things Hello Kitty dolls. 

After lunch Daisuke found a hotel for our Scottish friend for the next few days.  We took him to the local JR station and gave him clear directions on what trains to take and where to get off.  After we said good bye and started to drive away we suddenly realized we still had his  backpack in the trunk of the car.  I quickly ran back into the station and thankfully found the guy as he was still trying to understand the ticketing machine.  He had not even realized that he was missing his pack. 
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photo by: yasuyo