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If you can read it you know were you are.
So we leave beautiful Nagaski and head into the mountains.  We decided to journey to Aso so I could see a real live volcano.  The maps says I live around several volcanoes but the are either extinct or very quite.  When I was very young my father liked to lake fish in and around a huge ancient lava field in northwestern British Columbia but I had not ever seen an active volcano and Aso was my chance.

After a few hours and two different trains we arrived in Aso.  I guess in the summer Aso is busy place but the day we arrived it was like nobody was around at all.  The train station was the smallest JR station I had seen by far with only one track and a very small building.  We asked directions to our hotel and we laughed when we discovered our inn was directly across the street.
The volcano as seen from our inn the morning we leave.
  Just like Atami this inn had it's very own onsen on the main floor.  The day we arrived the only other guest was a guy from Australia who ended up leaving the next day so we had the place to our self.  The owners were a very quite and shy middle aged couple that really fed us well. The only complaint was that early every morning they would play music through the speaker system that told us we had one hour to get up for breakfast. 

We had a relaxing time in Aso.  the volcano really is one mountain in a ring of mountains that millions of years ago blew up in a huge eruption.  The soil in the Aso valley is very dark and fertile and as such is home to a lot of farms.  The first full day in Aso the cloud cover was really low so we spent the day walking around the village.
The thriving Aso station.
  We found a couple of shops selling clay work and a nice cafe that cooked with locally farmed ingredients.  We even found a small cattle farm that had a small pack of Pug dogs running around.  Since Akiko loves Pugs this was paradise for her.

the next day we got up early in the hopes of seeing the volcano. The clouds looked low but the bus driver thought it might be okay up at the summit.  However as we were driven up the mountain it became very foggy and he was forced to admit that we would not see anything up there.  We got off the bus early and checked out a small volcano museum that might have been state of the art in 1970.  After a couple of hours of hoping the clouds would lift we gave up and headed back into the village.  So I have yet to see an active volcano.  Maybe I will just have to head over to Hawaii.

the funny thing was the next morning was incredible but we had already decided it was time to move on.  Japan may not be the largest country but there is so much to see and we were running out of time. 
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If you can read it you know were y…
If you can read it you know were …
The volcano as seen from our inn t…
The volcano as seen from our inn …
The thriving Aso station.
The thriving Aso station.
Look a place in Japan without vend…
Look a place in Japan without ven…
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