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Ready to jump in with the carp.
The next day Akiko, her sister and young son and I all drove up to Lake Biwa National Park to enjoy the day.  It was one of the first times for me to be in a car in Japan that was not a taxi.  It was just simple Toyota but compared to cars of that type in Canada it was very modern.  It had built in GPS and a camera in the back bumper to help with parking.  I wish my bis came with a camera in the back so I could see the idiots that wlak behind me when I am backing up my 45 foot vehicle. 

Lake Biwa is Japan's largest park and is home to a nice aquarium and small forest and gardens along the west coast of the lake.  For many years Lake Biwa was very polluted and was dangerous to your health if you lived near it.  These days the lake is healthy and many Japanese come here to enjoy one of the few large fresh water lakes in the country.

The young boy enjoyed running around like crazy on the park's trails.  The only trouble was he seemed to be attracted to water and we were always worried that he was going to fall into one of the many ponds or the lake itself.  He finally succeeded when he fell into a the old Japanese style toilet and had to be rescued by a slightly embarrassed mother. 

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Ready to jump in with the carp.
Ready to jump in with the carp.
photo by: bcbusdriver