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5th day ,slept well in the bed , the plan was to treck up the mountain behind Mijas , which we think is called Mijas mountain(sierra) , and we went prepared with food,drink, and proper clothing.Unfortunately it is very windy and we could get blown off the mountain .We went instead into Mijas town/village  and visited Jesus Nazarine church , not praying for good weather , but we should have done .It is a lovely small Rc church  with a spire and bell , took some pics ,but again unable to download them onto this blog , will do sometime over the next week .I do┬┤nt think anyone is reading this anyway and i am getting grumpy (the internet connection crashed while i was  doing this and i had to start again ).

Black cats . Mijas ; we saw 5 in succession , i think they only have black ones

We got a pancake and white coffee in one of the cafes where  all those Spaniards were gabbing yesterday , its sunday and  whilst sitting outside enjoying this (in the wind) a church struck the hour with its bell , to the tune of one of Baethovens symphonies , we cant remember which .We chatted with 4 Canadian tourists , they said the past 2 weeks had been pleasant weather .

All of the souvenir shops in Mijas are stocked with good quality and desireable things to buy , leatherware , ceramics and all kinds of ornaments .Mijas sits on a throne on the hillside overlooking the coastal resorts , we didnt see anything of poor quality or tacky in any way . Fuengirola and the other coastal places  appear not to have such good quality stuff.

Shop front , thru the window. Mijas .
Mijas is a MUST see for the discerning visitor , the only drawback is the narrow streets which can be busy with cars , each time a horse drawn carriage with passengers  goes by , there is a tailback of  a stream of vehicles . 

Abandoning our walk we drove up to Coin , by now it was raining and we had our golf umbrellas with us , the streets are so narrow that there is not really space for a passing car and a pedestrian with a big umbrella to pass each other comfortably. Its sunday and everything is closed , we drove on to Cartama  , still raining and it is now siesta time , there seemed to be little of note and we progressed via some narrow mountain roads which had debris on them to Alura , which seemed similar to the previous two stop offs , not really tourist places at all.

The drive back was much quicker , we went for dinner to the Tres Amigos , which had been recommended to us by the waitress in California 7 cafe .We got  two enormous pizzas , mine was about 14" , a plate of greek salad , 2 fruit juices  and two coffees for about Euro 27.

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Black cats . Mijas ; we saw 5 in s…
Black cats . Mijas ; we saw 5 in …
Shop front , thru the window. Mija…
Shop front , thru the window. Mij…
Mijas statue of Dove , behind town…
Mijas statue of Dove , behind tow…
Lemon Orchard in the Sierras 100 k…
Lemon Orchard in the Sierras 100 …
north of c.d.s possibly Carratraca
north of c.d.s possibly Carratraca
shop Mijas
shop Mijas
Black swan , Estepona golf course …
Black swan , Estepona golf course…
Statue , Fuengirola prom .
Statue , Fuengirola prom .
photo by: yasuyo