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Fuengirola promenade looking west

6th day , Fuengirola  and there is torrential rain , i will not come here in february again , previously i have been here december or january and thought feb weather  would be better , we have not had  a single nice weather day . No matter , one has to make the most of things we went to cafe california 7 for brekka  and got 2 x veggie breakfast , 2 x mug of coffee  for Euro 22, and read the papers , which cost about Euro 2.2  i think that is about 4 x uk price.There are very few people brave enough  to come out this morning , i went back to our apartment and my colleague went to see to the car ,he was away ages (with his golf umbrella) and he returned  drenched , looking as though he had been wading in the sea up to his waist , i smile to myself  :-) .

BogartsĀ“cafe , with humphrey himself eyeing passers by .
Last pic - view from airport departure lounge
.good for pizzas
I go out to the oasis internet  cafe run by the cheerful Swede named Jan , he says he has an english wife , i commiserate with him  :-)  but i think he has no regrets . We are going to Malaga  a bit later to meet some people we know .

The roads are awash and passing cars throw up a spray like a speed boat would , i dont care , i keep smiling at the thought of my golf pal cursing about the rain , it is also still windy , i have seen umbrellas blown inside out . 

Many of the sidewalks here  are a kind of marble tile and pretty slippery in the wet .

We drive to Malaga on the E15/AP7  road  and do not really look around the place , it is a port , the port area seems a bit bleak and withy some building work going on , many of the central area roads are pretty narrow  and with difficulty we find an underground carpark  which charges us Euro 5.4  for about 3 hours .

The trip back at about 17:30 is  thru rush-hour and most cars are going the opposite way , part of the journey is like literally driving thru low clouds.

We are packing up and leaving in the morning , have to return the car at the airport before we checkin .

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We left early for the airport and returned the car to eurorental and had expected some delays with them because when collecting it we did not have a 'voucher' and had to pay again , we hoped to reverse this and get a refund but that will have to be taken up later .

We were therefore ready at the airport earlier than expected  and checked in at about 10:00 for a 12:25 flight Thomsonfly  to gatwick airport uk .there  was a short thundertorm whilst we waited .The flight was delayed until 13:40 and it actually took off at about 13:50  and it was a 2hr 20 min flight .We only found out during the flight that there has been delays (fog ??) at gatwick , which had made our flight late .

the entire trip cost  about Ā£520 ..that is airport carparking , flight, car rental , fuel ,apartment , golf and all food and drink .I didnt buy any momentos .

This has been my first blog , it needs rearranging and some of the pics are out of sequence (the pic rearrange tool  donna worka on this pc).

that can be done later .

blog end ..i will do a little review of Mijas  in a few days .

Fuengirola promenade looking west
Fuengirola promenade looking west
Last pic - view from airport depar…
Last pic - view from airport depa…
photo by: missmzungu