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Happy soul serenading a police car that was passing , fuengirola , west promenade 15 th feb

The wind has died away and today we had maybe 4 hours of sunshine , we had a rest day from golf and walked the length of the promenade

and generally took things easy . We had hoped to book a trip to Tangers(africa) for tomorrow  for  Euro 51 , leaving at 06.00  and returning at 20.00 , it would have been good to add another country to my TB map  and also as a releif from golf , but the tour is cancelled due to bad sea conditions in the strait between spain and morocco ....grrrr . 

It is light here  til about 19:00 , but i had to return to the appartment at 18:00  to get a jacket and also a woollen hat , because it has gone pretty cold  again .I have a good mind to complain about the weather , we came here  in january one year and it was warmer and sunnier than it is now.

Bogarts´cafe , with humphrey himself eyeing passers by ..good for pizzas

Fuengirola is a mass of hotels  bars  and cafes , there are also a lot of cyber (internet)cafes , this one is costing me only Euro 1 per hour and they have a digi card reader , a little baby on the knee of the woman next to me is smiling at me and i feel soppy for smiling back , i think her mother is either dutch or arabic  judging by her language . 

We found a few places for veggie meals today ( i dont eat dead bodies  :-)  ), and we tried one out , it was California 7 cafe which is opposite dental clinica , in one of the roads past the marina heading west . The waitress Lorraine was very chatty  is english but has taken spanish nationality and has lived here  for 11 years , she says she works at the cafe  7 days a week , by choice  (wow !!)

We had mushroom, beans , hash browns , toast , fried bread , tomato and sausage and coffee (refused the eggs) for about Euro 6 , it was substantial , but i feel a bit bloated .

little boxes , when the sun shines they all come out and sit on thier verandas , and when the sun goes in again , so do they . Like those funny little crabs . View from appartment , fuengirola 15 feb 2008
We also got some good info from her , she says the african guys along the promenade are mostly (illegal) immigrants from africa , they sell dvds  and some cheap trinkets , there is no air of desperationn or threat from them  and Lorraine says she bought a dvd from one of them , it didnt work , and she took it back and he exchanged it ,(they just throw a blanket down on the pavement

and spread thier wares on it).

I would nt come here in the summer to be honest , even if someone paid for the trip , personally i am not keen on young brits abroad and have seen enough of the sun sand and sex (and drink ) mentality , on tv and on visits elsewhere , but Lorraine says it is not so bad and although they do get rowdy drunks coming for breakfast after a night out , she says she tells them she will not serve drunks and they just get up and go elsewhere .

Inside Bogarts' cafe and 'old blue eyes'.

 Some of the locals are very small , many of the older women are only about 4 foot 10  and also some of the men are under 5 foot .

along the promenade there are a lot of Brit establishments , also Dutch , Irish and Swedish , Sky sports , especially english football , is shown almost everywhere .

We have had a problem with car parking , in that you need a parking ticket to park along the central promenade area , it costs  3 Euro per 3 hours and the hours are from 09:30-12:30  and then from 14:00 - 21:00 .The fine is Euro 60 . Anyway , we found out that if you park on the western end of the promenade , beyond  most of the cafes and bars , there is no charge .



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Happy soul serenading a police car…
Happy soul serenading a police ca…
Bogarts´cafe , with humphrey hims…
Bogarts´cafe , with humphrey him…
little boxes , when the sun shines…
little boxes , when the sun shine…
Inside Bogarts cafe and old blue…
Inside Bogarts' cafe and 'old blu…
photo by: wilber85