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This blog will cover my travels all over the USA in my RV. Take a look and because it is focused on each location I have visited, you can zero on areas of interest to you. I have made an entry for every stop in my travels.

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March 31st, 2002Oceano, California
April 1st, 2002Chula Vista, California
April 3rd, 2002Yuma, Arizona
April 5th, 2002Ajo, Arizona
April 7th, 2002Tucson, Arizona
April 14th, 2002Benson, Arizona
April 21st, 2002Deming, New Mexico
April 24th, 2002Alamogordo, New Mexico
April 27th, 2002Artesia, New Mexico
April 30th, 2002Midland, Texas
May 3rd, 2002Greenville, Texas
May 6th, 2002Livingston, Texas
May 13th, 2002Slidell, Louisiana
May 21st, 2002Summerdale, Alabama
May 29th, 2002Perry, Florida
May 30th, 2002Zolfo Springs, Florida
June 10th, 2002Fort Lauderdale, Florida
June 15th, 2002Titusville, Florida
June 24th, 2002Wrens, Georgia
June 25th, 2002Sumter, South Carolina
June 29th, 2002Charleston, South Carolina
July 3rd, 2002Wilmington, North Carolina
July 8th, 2002Rocky Mount, North Carolina
July 16th, 2002Norfolk, Virginia
July 24th, 2002Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 28th, 2002Middleboro, Massachusetts
July 29th, 2002Taunton, Massachusetts
September 4th, 2002Twin Mountain, New Hampshire
September 13th, 2002Rockland, Maine
September 23rd, 2002Sagamore, Massachusetts
October 8th, 2002Taunton, Massachusetts
October 31st, 2002Fairfax, Virginia
November 13th, 2002Lynchburg, Virginia
November 15th, 2002Charleston, West Virginia
November 18th, 2002Bardstown, Kentucky
November 25th, 2002Raccoon Valley, Tennessee
December 2nd, 2002Warner Robins, Georgia
December 11th, 2002Tallahassee, Florida
December 16th, 2002Pensacola, Florida
December 23rd, 2002Summerdale, Alabama
February 12th, 2003Slidell, Louisiana
March 8th, 2003Broussard, Louisiana
March 15th, 2003Shreveport, Louisiana
March 20th, 2003Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
March 24th, 2003Amarillo, Texas
March 29th, 2003Albuquerque, New Mexico
April 1st, 2003Pahrump, Nevada
May 12th, 2003Santa Maria, California
May 23rd, 2003Coarsegold, California
June 24th, 2003Redding, California
June 25th, 2003Klamath Falls, Oregon
July 2nd, 2003Sutherlin, Oregon
July 16th, 2003Kelso, Washington
July 23rd, 2003Mount Vernon, Washington
August 6th, 2003Redmond, Oregon
August 7th, 2003Winnemucca, Nevada
August 9th, 2003Pahrump, Nevada
September 30th, 2003Honolulu, Hawaii
October 25th, 2003Pahrump, Nevada
December 7th, 2003Yuma, Arizona
December 8th, 2003Tucson, Arizona
December 16th, 2003Benson, Arizona
December 18th, 2003Deming, New Mexico
December 20th, 2003Pecos, Texas
December 21st, 2003Fredericksburg, Texas
December 23rd, 2003Livingston, Texas
January 20th, 2004Kinder, Louisiana
January 31st, 2004Slidell, Louisiana
February 18th, 2004Summerdale, Alabama
March 25th, 2004Livingston, Texas
March 27th, 2004Hondo, Texas
March 30th, 2004Pecos, Texas
April 2nd, 2004Las Cruces, New Mexico
April 4th, 2004Deming, New Mexico
April 12th, 2004Tucson, Arizona
April 15th, 2004Blythe, California
April 17th, 2004Pahrump, Nevada
May 13th, 2004Lowell, Massachusetts
May 19th, 2004Pahrump, Nevada
June 7th, 2005Eugene, Oregon
June 13th, 2005Oxnard, California
June 29th, 2005Pahrump, Nevada
July 7th, 2005Springdale, Utah
July 13th, 2005Moab, Utah
July 18th, 2005Cortez, Colorado
July 28th, 2005Rocky Ford, Colorado
July 29th, 2005Pratt, Kansas
August 1st, 2005Branson, Missouri
August 9th, 2005Festus, Missouri
August 17th, 2005Oaktown, Indiana
August 22nd, 2005Springfield, Ohio
August 25th, 2005Mercer, Pennsylvania
September 2nd, 2005Towanda, Pennsylvania
September 4th, 2005Taunton, Massachusetts
October 2nd, 2005Scusset Beach, United States
October 7th, 2005Taunton, Massachusetts
October 19th, 2005Ephrata, Pennsylvania
October 20th, 2005Knoxville, Tennessee
October 27th, 2005Summerdale, Alabama
November 7th, 2005Honolulu, Hawaii
January 13th, 2006Summerdale, Alabama
May 7th, 2006Tallahassee, Florida
May 10th, 2006Bluffton, South Carolina
May 18th, 2006Wilmington, North Carolina
May 29th, 2006Avon, North Carolina
June 13th, 2006Norfolk, Virginia
June 22nd, 2006Frederick, Maryland
June 25th, 2006Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
July 5th, 2006Brockport, New York
July 11th, 2006Forestport, New York
July 18th, 2006Burlington, Vermont
July 23rd, 2006Bethlehem, New Hampshire
July 31st, 2006Taunton, Massachusetts
September 27th, 2006Old Mystic, Connecticut
October 1st, 2006Avon, North Carolina
November 1st, 2006Summerdale, Alabama
November 6th, 2006Summerdale, Alabama
November 15th, 2006Honolulu, Hawaii
December 1st, 2006Summerdale, Alabama
March 25th, 2007Charleston, South Carolina
May 13th, 2007Knoxville, Tennessee
May 20th, 2007Radcliff, Kentucky
May 29th, 2007Springfield, Ohio
June 1st, 2007Muskegon, Michigan
June 4th, 2007Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
June 11th, 2007Crystal Falls, Michigan
June 16th, 2007Oshkosh, Wisconsin
June 20th, 2007Spring Valley, Wisconsin
June 27th, 2007Fergus Falls, Minnesota
July 7th, 2007Riverdale, North Dakota
July 13th, 2007Dickinson, North Dakota
July 18th, 2007Rapid City, South Dakota
July 26th, 2007Kaycee, Wyoming
July 30th, 2007Reed Point, Montana
August 3rd, 2007Big Sky, Montana
August 11th, 2007Anaconda, Montana
August 27th, 2007Kalispell, Montana
September 4th, 2007Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
September 16th, 2007Enterprise, Oregon
September 18th, 2007Glenns Ferry, Idaho
September 23rd, 2007Downey, Idaho
September 26th, 2007Vernal, Utah
September 28th, 2007Moab, Utah
October 1st, 2007Moab, Utah
October 2nd, 2007Moab, Utah
October 3rd, 2007Moab, Utah
October 5th, 2007Moab, Utah
October 8th, 2007Moab, Utah
October 9th, 2007Moab, Utah
October 11th, 2007Moab, Utah
October 12th, 2007Westminster, Colorado
October 16th, 2007Westminster, Colorado
October 20th, 2007Russell, Kansas
October 25th, 2007Midwest City, Oklahoma
October 30th, 2007Texarkana, Arkansas
November 2nd, 2007Vicksburg, Mississippi
November 11th, 2007Anniston, Alabama
November 12th, 2007Douglasville, Georgia
November 15th, 2007Bluffton, South Carolina
November 27th, 2007Douglasville, Georgia
December 2nd, 2007Summerdale, Alabama
May 4th, 2008Tallahassee, Florida
May 5th, 2008Bluffton, South Carolina
May 9th, 2008Charleston, South Carolina
May 22nd, 2008Sumter, South Carolina
June 13th, 2008Lynchburg, Virginia
June 16th, 2008Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
June 20th, 2008Honesdale, Pennsylvania
June 23rd, 2008Taunton, Massachusetts