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The weather in New England was rapidly turning cold and I decided to turn south to get a bit warmer. I had reviewed the Elk guide and found that the lodge in Ephrata was listed with water and electric services. I decided to move there because I wanted to explore the Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Some times, the best plans in the world don't turn out so well. This was one of them. The ride down from Massachusetts was initially very beautiful with the trees changing color. I passed through MA, CT, NY and into Pennsylvania. I took secondary roads for most of the trip and as the day progressed, switched over to I 80 and ran right into a monster traffic jam. The line of stopped traffic had to be 40 miles back and we were stopped for about 3 1/2 hours. I offered my bathroom to some of the folks near me and some took me up on the offer. I also offered them some snacks and all were grateful.

Over to I 81 down through Lebanon and finally to Ephrata right at dusk. A long day of travel. I pulled up into a narrow driveway up to the Elks Lodge and went in to ask where they wanted me to park. I was directed to park back down the drive in the trees. Backing was very difficult because of the trees and the fact that it was dark. Finding the hookups was hard with just a flashlight. Finally I got in between the trees and started to set up thinking I would move to a better spot in the morning. Hot, tired sweaty and a bit upset, I got a knock on my door and a guy told me I had to move out immediately. When I protested, he told me that he had just come from a city council meeting where the Elks were told that they could no longer provide RV parking. I was not happy!!!! he suggested I go on over to the local Wal-Mart for the night.

While trying to get out of the tight spot I was in, I hooked a tree with the side of my rig and was wedged in fairly tight. In the frame of mind I was in, I jockied around for a bit and then just powered out leaving some damage to the side of the trailer. Boy was I p.......

Got over to the Wal-mart and found another guy who had also been kicked out of the Lodge parking area. I then found out that I had no water in my tank and had to go into the store to buy enough to have coffee in the morning and to wash up. What started to be a good day sure turned out to be crap in the evening.

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