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I have always been interested in the Cajun culture and as a result, I went down to Kinder, LA which is in the heart of Cajun country. This area is full of rice fields and because it was in the middle of winter, the fields were empty of crops and all were flooded. Each field had hundreds of Crayfish pots in them and I found out that they love to live in these rice fields. They are harvested bu using small flat bottomed boats as the water is quite shallow.

Crayfish, Crawfish, Crawdads or Mudbugs, no matter what you call them, are all great eating. Snap off the tail, split it with your fingers and eat the meat then suck out the head which gives you very flavorful juice. The experienced eaters can consume pounds of them at a sitting. The restaurants sell them by the pound with a small helping, 3 pounds and a large helping 5 pounds. They are boiled in big pots with loads of seasonings, potatoes, carrots, onions and cajin sausages. A very tasty meal, good with a cold beer or two.

Up the road from Kinder is the little town of Eunice where the Cajun Music Hall of Fame is located. It is located in a small schoolhouse and did not have much more than a bunch of pictures of those musicians inducted into the hall of fame along with many old musical instruments. On Saturday nights, they broadcast a radio show from Eunice which features nothing but old Cajun music sung mostly in patois French. A carry over from their Canadian ancestors. The Jean Lafitte National Historic Park is also located here.

South of Kinder is the Creole Nature Trail which is a road that loops down to the water then west and north back to the town of Sulfur/Lake Charles. Not a very interesting ride but it surely showed how low this state is. Water everywhere with ditches, canals and bayous full. Most of the southwest part of the state can't be more that a few feet above sea level.

Summary: Elk Lodges: 30, Escapee Parks: 15, Public RV parks: 17, National Parks: 31, Major Ships: 7, Forts: 15

Expenses: 21 months traveling with an average of $ 1826 per month.


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photo by: walterman9999