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My plans were to start heading south as the weather was turning cooler so I located an Elks lodge in my camping guide a reasonable drive south in Enterprise, OR. This ride was one of the hardest trips I have ever experienced in my 50 months on the road. The drive on a high plateau took me through forests and then into rolling hills all under wheat production. Thousands of acres of yellow fields all harvested and cut short with the stubble all bright yellow. Some fields had been burned out and were pure black. Down Route 95 to Lewiston, a city that sits on the Snake River. The road leaves the high plateau and dives down to the city on a road that had 5 emergency truck turnouts in case their brakes fade or fail. Very steep for a long distance. Through the city and across the river to the little town of Asotin where the road started up a steep incline with many switchbacks out of the river valley. From there, across another plateau and then down into a beautiful canyon then back up another steep twisty road which put a real strain on my truck. The transmission was boarding on the red line before I reached the top of Rattlesnake Pass. Never in the time I have been on the road have I hit anything so tough.


Eventually I arrived in Enterprise and found the Elks with no problem. It was closed and there was no sign of any water or electric hookups anywhere I could see. I gave up and went back a mile to the Outpost RV Park where I booked in for a couple of nights. While there we went through a weather shift and the winds were really shaking my rig. Glad I did not get rig sick. (seasick).


Took several pictures along the way and found my nice Canon camera had given up the ghost. None of the pictures from the trip to Enterprise through the canyon came out. None posted on this entry.


Summary: Elk Lodges RV Parking: 55; Escapee RV parks: 26; Public RV Parks: 49; National Parks: 63; Ships: 17; Forts: 30


Expenses: 50 months on the road with an average of $1965 per month.
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94,949 km (58,999 miles) traveled
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photo by: NoStrangers