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Arrival at Yangon airport.

Finally our plane is ready and we can board. This craft is a lot smaller than the one that took us to Singapore, but then again, it’s only a short flight of a little over two hours. On board we get a newspaper that has an article about an explosion in Yangon’s train station yesterday. Some people are startled by this and start wondering whether they have made the right choice coming to Myanmar, because of the potential risk of more explosions. Of course I give it some thought as well, but then again what are the odds of walking in the 100 metre radius of a bomb blast, in a vast city like Yangon? We’ll have to wait and see. I put the paper aside and look out the window as we approach Yangon airport. During our descent we spot the first pagoda of this journey, many will follow.

The airport has only recently been opened (four months ago) and the new gold paint gleems in the sunlight.

The Sule pagoda by night.
The people at Immigrations have to practice a little longer, formalities take ages (or so it seems to weary travelers that haven’t had a decent sleep in over 24 hours).

We meet Aart-Jan, our tourleader, and drive by bus in half an hour to the Panorama Hotel in Yangon. Once there we’ve got an hour to fresh up and then there’s an info meeting in the lobby of the hotel. This takes about an hour and then we can finally go out and have dinner. Aart-Jan recommends Global restaurant, a small place where virtually no tourists go and where the food is good and cheap. We are hardly seated when Aart-Jan himself walks in and joins us.

After dinner we go for a walk, today we’ve been sitting longer than my bottom can bare, and the exercise is more than welcome. Our destination is the Sule pagoda, which is only a few blocks away. Everywhere people are eating hot meals on the sidewalks with only candle light to show them what’s on their plates. It all looks very cosy and friendly. The pagoda closed at 9 pm but the exterior is nicely lit, so we didn’t come here in vain.

Once back in our hotel room I take another quick shower and then it is a matter of minutes before I hit the sack to catch up some more than needed sleep.

mysterious_87guy says:
tht yellow powder is a local powder like sandal wood caled "tankha" here which every1 uses for skin..
Posted on: Oct 16, 2008
arlene0725 says:
What is the significance of the yellow powder on mother and baby's face? This blogs feels like my trip to Cambodia. Yes, I liked the fact we ate at the local restaurant too - next to our travel agency. After a LONG day of seeing temples at Angkor Wat.
Posted on: Oct 08, 2008
Marius1981 says:
its terrible what happend there...
Posted on: May 14, 2008
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Arrival at Yangon airport.
Arrival at Yangon airport.
The Sule pagoda by night.
The Sule pagoda by night.
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