Trinity College, the Book of Kells, and joining the good fight!

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Arrival at Dublin Airport



Well we made it to Dublin. Most of the flight was ok. The only time I really felt uncomfortable was on landing. I am pretty sure the pilot was showing off to his pilot friends and tried to land the plane on one wheel! We were met at the airport by somebody from the tour company and quickly put on our busses. The tour this is year is bigger than it has been in the past, and for our stay in Dublin, they had to split the group up between 2 hotels. I am at the Camden Court Hotel. It is a bit further out from the city center than the other hotel. But everything is still within walking distance.

Thankfully all the hiking I have been doing lately will make the walking here easier.


After getting to the hotel, we had a chance to freshen up a bit, and then met for soup and sandwiches. The group at my hotel has several people from San Diego county, so we have common references and getting to know each other was easy. I also met a father and son from Florida. The son just turned 18 and the drinking age here is ....18. The boy is enjoying his first taste of Guinness. (Although his dad did say he doubts it is his first taste of beer). The young man disappeared during the meet and greet...we think he went to have another Guinness. I think I know who will be going with me when I go to the Guinness brewery tomorrow! :)


After the meet and greet I decided to go walk around.

I ended up at Trinity College, so I decided to check out the Book of Kells exhibit. I love anything history related, and this is a biggy in that world. I enjoyed the exhibit, but was a bit disappointed that pictures could not be taken. Now I understand the restriction on taking pictures of the actual book, but of the exhibit itself, and a large library called the Long Room kind of pissed me off. Not much chance of flashes causing damage there. It was more to make tourist pay even more money to get pictures in the gift shop. Well not this tourist, I will just find pictures on the net for this blog.


After visiting Trinity College, I continued to walk around Dublin. There was a large demonstration/walk right outside the college. I had been warned about it by the bus driver, and it seemed pretty peaceful. It was Irish citizens protesting problems with their health care system here. Ya, lets socialize the health care system at home and we can have protests in our future too!  Anyway, the march was headed in the general direction of my hotel.

Damn the health care system! :) I joined the march!  "Damn the health care system, Damn the government!"  Damn American!  :)


After a while being up for so long (over 24 hours) was catching up to me. I made my way back to the hotel, stopping to get a bottle of soda and some snacks and a sandwich for dinner.  The Dubs were doing a show tonight, but I was to tired to go.  I had been up for about 30+ hours by this time, and I was starting to get punch drunk.  They are doing a couple other shows over the next week. And unlike some of the groupies I don't need to go to "every" show they do!  I had a nice nights sleep!




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Arrival at Dublin Airport
Arrival at Dublin Airport
Damn the health care system!  :)
Damn the health care system! :)
Joining the good fight
Joining the good fight
photo by: fransglobal