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Bus to Ireland



Day 1


Left San Diego at 11:00 enrt to LAX.  Had a momentary panic and had to pull over to mark sure I had my passport...I did :)  The drive took about 2 hours with traffic getting worse with each mile I drove north. I arrived at the street that the long term car park was located on...and could not find it at first. I finally did and got my truck all checked in. Oh, almost forgot that, the trip started with a pick up had a dead battery (which was strange it was fine a couple of days ago when I was driving it around) so I had to drive my Jimmy to LA.

Hang on, it's going to be a long trip.


Once at LAX I checked in for my flight. I asked the girl at the counter about seat assignments, she looked at me, smiled and said, "I think you should have an aisle seat. I like her!!! 


So here I sit at the gate (proving another fact of life in my world...the gate was as far away from the ticket counter as it could be. At least it was in the same terminal). Alas there is no free wireless in this terminal. Somebody told me that I need to find the 1st class lounge. They often have free wireless, and if you can sit close enough you can often leech it for free. The only other option is to pay about $10 for a session I would be lucky to get a couple hours of use of.


After sitting around for a while, the gate staff started calling for boarding. As usuall the called for those with kids first, then the First Class passangers, and then started calling passengers by row, starting at the back of the plane. Well everybody started lining up to get on board. I looked out the window, and, did not see any planes nearby. I asked somebody that would later turn out to be a friend on the tour, "Where is the plane? I don't see one outside"!  Well he looked at me and jokingly said, "Don't you know we are taking a bus to Ireland!"  Well we walked down the ramp to the plane....and walked down some stairs...only to get on a bus!  I was cracking up. He was right, we were taking a bus to Ireland.  We had to be driven to a different gate where we were really being boarded.  What an amusing way to start our journey!


Musings while on the plane:  Why do people forget that an airplane is really just a big tube packed with about 200 other people? There is a reason that smoking was outlawed on planes. The cigarette smoke fills the cabin and effects everyone onboard! Well ladies when you bath yourselves in perfume you are having the same effect. And believe it or not, some of us DO NOT WANT TO SMELL THAT CRAP!!!  And children...dont even get me started with that one.


Now that my bitching and moaning is out of the way I will mention the thing that made me feel good. The brogue  of the passangers that were obviously returning home. English spoken by an Irish native is such beautiful understanding them sometimes, that's a different story!  :)


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Bus to Ireland
Bus to Ireland
Hang on, its going to be a long t…
Hang on, it's going to be a long …