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Real Italian Pizza in the airport, it was tereble
After 24 hours much things have happened. Already being dropped into a gigantic city. We landed in Athens To be welcomed by Tom who is like a dad to all the students, hes out fix it man. After the 30-40 min drive we made it to our apparment, only to be welcomed by many flights of steps. we quickly placed everything down to join the other group. upon making it to the "campus" a relitivly small building, we met witht he other 30 and made a quick walk. we slowly unpack after a slight orientation. Our night consisted of eating gyros unpacking and visiting the girls.our appartment in the "Greece file" is smaller then the others but only house 4 ware the other house up to 7. its homely with a great view (photos will be shot tom in the daylight). everyware all shop owners invite us in for free beer, but the catch is the food... its pretty expensive and adds up. we went to a small store to day and pick up some essentials, our fridge is not working yet so its a lot of 1.70 euro gyros for us. we made a pizza tonight which was cold(still figuareing out appliences). Not much else to say please feel free to ask questions, Thanks
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Real Italian Pizza in the airport,…
Real Italian Pizza in the airport…
Yeah, i fed roam
Yeah, i fed roam