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*SIGH* That WAS my party patio with nice gazebo.

Okay, this winter of 2004-2005 is over, thank goodness.  I鈥檝e lived through:

          2 feet of snow

          2 inches of ice

          A town with no electric

          Ice fog

          Teaching on a Saturday

          11 months of marriage

And, then鈥 BIG WIND.

My trellis has no luck at all. This time our swing blew up against it.
  I was working part time at our local Curves when the big wind hit.  Dan was at work in Marion (30 minutes away).  Out of nowhere, this wall of wind comes plowing through our town.  When I say 鈥済ust鈥 of wind, I heard reports of over 100 miles per hour.  And it came all at once.  I remember the tornado sirens going off and watching shopping carts be literally thrown into the sides of cars.  My manager and I headed for the closet (the most interior place we could find) and waited it out.  After the wall of wind was over, my manager took off leaving me to fend for myself.  After 15 minutes in tears, I called a replacement, called my father-in-law for a ride (I didn鈥檛 drive because I heard there was a chance of storms so grandma took me to work), called Dan to come home, and headed for the house.  On the way home we saw numerous trees that had fallen over and destroyed homes.  We had to re-route 2 or 3 times due to trees blocking roadways.  On the highway, semi trucks literally blew over.  Emergency crews were out in full force responding to the hundreds of calls that were pouring in.


Again, God smiled on Dan and I.

Some shingles lifted.
  Some ask if my old house is haunted; I simply tell them that we have a guardian angel living here.  I have 5 very old and mostly hallow trees that shouldn鈥檛 have survived the ice storm, let along this horrible wind.  All 5 are in position that if they fall, they would destroy the house.  All 5 remained standing.  As a bonus, the wind blew down some of the broken branches from the ice storm.  Our new gazebo and party patio were completely destroyed, mangled by the wind.  However, this was replaceable.  We had minor shingle and gutter damage, but again easily replaceable.  I added excessive wind to my list of 鈥渨eather I never care to see again鈥.

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*SIGH* That WAS my party patio wit…
*SIGH* That WAS my party patio wi…
My trellis has no luck at all. Thi…
My trellis has no luck at all. Th…
Some shingles lifted.
Some shingles lifted.
Old branches from the ice storm th…
Old branches from the ice storm t…
Gutter damage
Gutter damage
More areas of the park to clean up.
More areas of the park to clean up.
The roof faired pretty well, gutte…
The roof faired pretty well, gutt…
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photo by: PhinsAndGills