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That's our town park... underwater.

HOPEFULLY, this is my last journal entry.  I鈥檝e made a list of things I never care to see again;

          2 feet of snow (6 inches is enough)

          2 inches of ice (0 inches is enough)

          Ice fog in any amount

          Wind over about 10 MPH

Now, added to the list:

          9 inches of rain in one night.

That's the golf course in town... underwater.

It was to be my first work-day of school this year.  We went to bed to a driving rain and woke early to the sound of the phone ringing.  It was one of my colleagues asking me what to do, if we should stay home ro not.  When I asked why, she replied 鈥渂ecause the sheriff just came over the TV and told us to stay in our homes鈥.  I went downstairs to find we had a message on our machine.  I didn鈥檛 hear the phone ring.  It was my mother saying she wasn鈥檛 sure what was going on, but the tornado sirens went off and Dad (who is fire chief and responds in all emergencies) had been out the entire night.  Come to find out, we had a little over 9 inches of rain fall throughout the night and the entire town was flooded.  People had to be evacuated and homes were destroyed. 


It turned out that our school day was cancelled and the first day of school was moved back one day (a school weather day already and we hadn鈥檛 even started the year!)  Again, I believe that our guardian angel was at work because our cellar had no more water than our sump pump could handle and we were sitting on a little island, but all was well.  The same could not be said for many of my friends who had serious damage.

Notice the skid marks on the road?
  I helped clean up.


Looking around, I couldn鈥檛 help but say a prayer for New Orleans and all other communities that had undergone flood damage of any kind.  I guess you just don鈥檛 realize until something like this happen in your town, where you can experience it first hand, just how much devastation weather can cause.


Another thing I thank God for is this community.  I may grumble about living in a very small town with limited opportunities, but we can really pull together when times call for it.


I hope this blog is over for good.  I don鈥檛 want to add anymore.

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Thats our town park... underwater.
That's our town park... underwater.
Thats the golf course in town... …
That's the golf course in town...…
Notice the skid marks on the road?
Notice the skid marks on the road?
You usually cant see the river fr…
You usually can't see the river f…
Thats a corn field...underwater. …
That's a corn field...underwater.…
Upper Sandusky
photo by: PhinsAndGills