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I know you were trying to wake me up but come on!

'drrring' (thats the sound an un-tuned guitar with plastic strings makes!) 'Maaaaaaaaaaarrrk' (thats the sound an un-tuned human makes! aka Wayne Ollerenshaw! Voice of an angel he hasnt!!!) 'drrrrring' 'Maaaaaaarrrrrrk'

Mark: “Wayne for the love of God, please shut up!”….’drrring’’Maaaaaaarrrk’

Mark: “Go away!”

 Wayne: “Maaaarrrkkk, get up im bored!” (think of a small child whining and you get the idea!)

 Mark “what time we meeting that elfie lass”

 Wayne (still stood on the bed with guitar!) “about 11:30 duck” (he was sounding pretty pleased with himself that he had got me to respond!)

 Mark: “and what time is it now?”

 Wayne “about 8:30 duck” (again said in a chirpy tone as above!)

 Mark & Joe “ For Fudge sake” (obviously didn’t say fudge, but I imagine you can replace fudge with the real word!!)

 Mark “yep, defo going back to sleep for at least an hour”.

Wayne... I Hate You!

Obviously Wayne being Wayne this didn’t deter him, soon he was back with a ballon pump…and yes he blew it in my face, problem was it just created a cooling breez…zzz!

 About an hour later I got out off bed, not having really got back to sleep (well done Wayne!) but still felt pretty good! (surprising after 4 hours sleep! Cheers again friend!)

 Eventually we all left the ‘party flat’ walking to the nearest tube station to meet fellow TBer Elvynia at Piccadilly Circus…obviously Joe and me had no idea where we were going so we just followed Ruby and Wayne (who seemed to know where he was going but im not sure! ;))

 Once we got to the Burger King outside Piccadilly Circus Joe and me involved Ruby in our discussion about how ‘small’ a ‘town’ London was…she wasn’t impressed and carried on talking to Wayne (Wayne was impressed with our conversation though!).

Sports Cafe

After standing around for what seemed like an eterntiny but in reality was about 2 minutes Elvynia arrived…with gifts…but only for the TB whore known as Wayne Ollerenshaw! (shes going to buy me some next time…so she says! Haha).

 It was about 11:20 so it seemed like a good time to find a bar for a beer or two!

Again we let Ruby take the lead looking for a Weatherspoons or any decent bar for us…but she was pretty rubbish so the northern lads took over and we found a bar within seconds!

It was the Sports Café in Haymarket, I had been to the Sports Café in Manchester and knew they had pool tables etc to keep us occupied.

So all 5 of us piled into…walked into the bar and we all got asked for ID! 24 years old! (which doesn’t bother me in the slightest anymore haha!) Joe didn’t have any as he hasn’t really needed with having a beard for a good few years, but they let us in anyway!

We had a few games of the worlds most expensive pool (I wont go into the results) £2 a game! Could have had almost 4 games for that back in the ‘tarn’ (Chesterfield)  but we played anyway…Elvynia must have been scared of pool…or me as she wouldn’t play!

Got to say well done to Elvynia at this point as she got involved with us English and had her first alcoholic drink of the day before 11:30!

After a couple of beers Ruby informed us that it would take us almost 30 mins to get to our meeting point at the tower of London tube station! (she had kept that one quiet, as we thought we were only a few minutes away!) So we drank up and made our way to the meet up spot me already around £20 lighter after paying for about 8 games of pool!

We arrived outside the Tower of London tube station a few minutes late due to Ruby’s incompetence! Standing patiently waiting for the organizer was Warren, Tanya and Tet, Wayne, Ruby and myself went over and said hello while Joe went looking for his girlfriend Lindzi (who wasn’t on TB at that point, but much like most good cults we convinced her to join! Haha! Her screen name is Linzi452 by the way)

, once she was found we made our way the short distance to wagamama’s where their was even more TBer’s waiting for us!

At this point I should point out that on the Tube, someone had informed me that you have to use choptsticks at Wagamama’s this both worried and exited me.

All of us that made the London meet up...hold on whos missing? ahh no one ;)
The worry came from been very hungry and not wanting to scoop food into my mouth with new people about! The excitement was getting the chance to master something new!

Well we got seated etc…wasn’t very adventurous in my place of seating! To my right sat Joe (known, went to school with, played Football with since the age of 14 or 15), Sat across from me were Linzi (known since she was 17 and I was like 20, and has been going out with Joe since about 2 week after we met!), Wayne (Known, been to school with, gone on holiday with from about the age 13!) and in the corner surrounded/penned in by northerners was Elvynia…I believe to my left was Ben but I could be mistaken! (Apologies if you were not Ben!)

I decided to go for something easy to eat with chopsticks…Tiger prawns and rice! Yes I found it difficult at first and a few people had their jokes i.

Surprised people were smiling as we plumeted to our death!
e. Wayne, Joe, that shy Elvynia, our waitress (No tip for her then!haha) and whoever was sat to my left!! Then I got the hang of it and looked down the table to see how my technique compared and to my dismay people had cutlery! You should be ashamed! Yes you know who you are!!

 Oh another beer consumed with meal…

 Once out of Waggamamas someone suggested we go to the Weatherspoons just across the way.

In here we just drank quite abit well wayne, me and joe did at least, although I don’t remember seeing anyone without a drink in their hand.

Evil_Lori88 bought us all a shot of Raspberry sambuca which was nice of her, so we will change her name back to Lovely_Lori88…Cheers! :p

Slowly more and more TBer’s arrived and we took up a decent portion of the pub.

 Numerous Strongbows consumed here…”its delish”

Time has lost all meaning by this point, mainly because my mobile phone battery went flat (Cell phone for the rest of you!)…or maybe for another reason!

Apparently we headed back to the ‘party flat’ at this point…all of us risking our lives to get to it in the ‘death lift’!

I think all 26 �" 30 of us got to Rubys flat alive and squeezed in…Ruby, Lori, Wayne, Joe and Lindzi (not a case of too many chefs apparently!) disappeared off into the kitchen and would not let me in…which at the time just made me want to get inside even more! (probably a good job I didn’t really!)

In the end Wayne, Joe and Linzi came out, so I gave up trying to get in…

We put some Radiohead on, which seemed to disgust Krish (KNP)…oh yes I remember! (don’t worry the memory starts to fade now!) 

After much chatting and drinking, Hannah the birthday girl arrived…at this point I still thought the party at Rubys was just for Hannah turned out that Ruby and Lori (those sneaks!) planned it for me too!

Not sure what happened next…something to do with shots and me kicking Ruby’s ass blah blah blah!

Fine me and Hannah had to do as many shots as years we were old…Hannah having not had a sip of alcohol all day drank all her shots…pretty quickly!

Mark having been drinking all day wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of throwing up in front of his fellow TBer’s…but I went at them regardless (once I found out they weren’t all whisky and vodka!) I went at them in a…well a.

No wonder Tanya hasnt got the Happy Happy Award! :p
.slow pace! Towards the end one of the shots had London water in it! At that point I was almost sick! Not because of the whisky, not the strongbow, not the beer but  the London water!

Having had most of my ‘proper’ shots I honestly cant remember why Ruby attacked me…it is possible I licked her cake…psycho!

After cleaning myself up after kicking Rubys ass, we headed back out towards the London eye and more importantly the arcade bar!

The arcade bar wasn’t as fun as I remember…ok it was but I lost at bowling to Joe, apparently Wayne, ruby and probably any small children that were in the vicinity!

Having no pride left I went and talked to an aussie or two to make myself feel better! (Im only kidding!)

The two Aussies in question were Hannah and Tanya… been abit of a sore loser (not usually just to Joe!) I decided to pick on/steal some bear that was attached to Hannah’s bag!  According to Hannah it was a famous bear called Ted E.

Lori, The Cake and me! Hmm who am i missing hhaah only kidding Rubz idea what she was on about but she explained and I took the piss (turns out he is a puppet in a show by the ventriloquist David Strassman, although im sure she didn’t mention that!) Then out of her accent, only because she went on about Caaaaaamden! (I don’t think she hates me!)

After leaving the arcade bar with less people than we entered with we went hunting for another bar…turns out its quite busy in central London at 11 o’clock so no more partying for the TBer’s until Matt suggested that all us people that he had just met today go back to his house and carry on drinking!  No complaints here!

So our merry band headed off again…while walking we came across some urinals in the street! We had to give them a go! So while most of the lads gave them a blast Perv_Lori88 took pictures!

Of the journey to Matts all I really remember was me and Joe joking that we must actually be on the outskirts of Chesterfield having been on a bus for what seemed like hours…and going to an off licence to get more booze…Lori was very exited to be drinking on a bus!!

Eventually we got to Matts having travelled some 200 miles…(cheers though! Haha) Unfortunately by the time we got their I had to stop drinking as I had to drive Joe back to Chesterfield at 0700! So I basically laid on Matts sofa with my eyes closed listening to the chit-chat…until Hannah got her revenge by shaking my legs and getting me up!

Pretty soon after that Wayne, Joe, Lori, Hannah, Rub…no wait she was paraletic somewhere and I got a taxi back to the ‘Party Flat’ and all got in bed together (all fully clothed for some much needed rest!


My Lovely shots bar the London water!
beep…beep…beep…hmm no Wayne alarm!

7:00 o’clock Sunday morning and our adventure was over…Wayne managed to open his eyes long enough to make it to the back of the car and away we went!

Just like to say it was good meeting everyone, thanks to Matt for letting us all go back to his…a big thanks to Ruby for the accommodation and the birthday surprise and Lori for assisting in the birthday surprise and co-creating Strongbows new slogan!

I imagine that I will see a few of you at the D’dorf meet for some more fun times!

If you have managed to read to this point, what are you doing!

lovely_lori88 says:
co-creating?? that was all me!!! you just did the calling haha. anyways awesome blog, very funny!!!
Posted on: Feb 14, 2008
ashleynpearson says:
It's too long...I can't even finish reading it. Damn...attention span of a gnat. But what I did read was funny!
Posted on: Feb 14, 2008
2win says:
you didnt kick my ass...i caked you bad!...ur should be glad you can still see!
it was an ok blog though i suppose....
Posted on: Feb 13, 2008
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I know you were trying to wake me …
I know you were trying to wake me…
Wayne... I Hate You!
Wayne... I Hate You!
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Sports Cafe
All of us that made the London mee…
All of us that made the London me…
Surprised people were smiling as w…
Surprised people were smiling as …
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Lori, The Cake and me! Hmm who am…
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My Lovely shots bar the London wa…
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