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My Car! Not as reliable as you would think! haha

I suppose my story really starts Friday morning!

Wayne Ollerenshaw, Joeseph Dudley and myself were due to travel down to London at about 6 o'clock in my car...Unfortunately my car had other ideas and decided it would choose today of all days to stop working!
A quick text to Wayne Ollerenshaw suggesting we take his car was met with hostility in the form of 'yes we can take my car but im not driving as i want to get smashed! (no surprises their plus i removed the swear words!!), which i didn’t have a problem with.
So now we were due to set of in Wayne’s car at around 6 o'clock...sometime early afternoon the 6 o'clock departure time was shot as Wayne discovered he had to work until 6:30.

Lori, Rubz, Wayno & Joseph Andrew Dudley after Waynes Cocktail making extravaganza!

..Fine we will set of at 7 and should arrive in London about 10ish....At around 5:47 and 24 seconds Wayne discovered that he was going to be able to leave early and i was to get down to Wayne for 6:30...Best get my things together then!
In the end Wayne picked me up some 15 minutes late (My fault...pretty rubbish at time keeping!).

Our accommodation for the weekend was located in Mile End (i think) at Ruby's (2win) party flat. (Should really know where it is considering have stopped their twice now!)
It turned out that Ruby was at the Asian Fashion lark at the O2 Arena so we were to pick up the keys from her neighbours and let ourselves in (very trusting Rubz!).
We got to London at...sometime i cant really remember but a bit earlier than anticipated I think.

We felt this extra feature added a little bit more style to the 'party flat'
..We then went to Ruby's neighbours to get the keys.

..usually you wouldn’t give someone the keys to your flat for safe keeping  unless you knew them at least a bit! But not Ruby (incidentally they guy didn’t have a clue who Ruby was!)
Time for the fist drink of the weekend mmm stongbow o'clock! That first drink got demolished pretty quickly!

So Wayne, Joe and myself polished off a bottle or two of strongers before Ruby and Lori (Lovely_Lori88) got back...a lot earlier than anticipated!
After a while we convinced them they should be drinking alcoholic drinks rather than Coke! So Wayne set about knocking up a couple of cocktails for the girls!
The first one had strawberry and kiwi cordial as its base so it was pretty awful! The second was much nicer (Kudos Wayne!) and tasted like an Apple Jack (another type of cocktail!)
After that we decided Rubys wall needed some extra features! 30 balloons to be precise! So we stuck them to the wall!
This must have tired Wayne out as he fell asleep a short while later.

Lori: "Its Delic"! Mark: "Its hilarious!" did Ruby!

Lori, Joe and me decided to continue the Anglo-Canadian drink-a-thon in the bedroom, where we had a little Strongbow downing (or chugging for Lori, and JD for Joe…not the big bottle Ruby honest!) contest, after we had downed quite a bit Lori came out with a fairly funny statement that 'Strongbow is delic'! This statement amused me to the point where i rang the Strongbow helpline and suggested that they should have it as their slogan! (Someone is going to be fairly amused at work listening to a drunk Canadian laughing her ass off!)

Then we decided that Waynes Head needed and extra feature so w went and put some pizza on his head! haha!

At around 430 we decided that we might as well stop drinking so that we could be fresh for the morning! So Lori, Joe and me fell asleep but not before Lori had changed into her Winnie the Poo PJs...this prompted more laughter!

Next: The big day and people trying to wake us up at ridiculous o’clock!!

wayneollerenshaw says:
Bondy, you car is WAY better than that.
Posted on: Feb 13, 2008
highlandmist says:
i think you're all mental but it's a good mental at least ;)
Posted on: Feb 12, 2008
ashleynpearson says:
By far, the worst blog of the London meet-up! :P haha...I'm kidding.
Posted on: Feb 12, 2008
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My Car! Not as reliable as you wou…
My Car! Not as reliable as you wo…
Lori, Rubz, Wayno & Joseph Andrew …
Lori, Rubz, Wayno & Joseph Andrew…
We felt this extra feature added a…
We felt this extra feature added …
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Lori: "Its Delic"! Mark: "Its hil…
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Adding style to Wayne...vast impr…
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