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When you go to kruger park one of the wishes is to see the big 5(or at least a few of them). That's what i thougt when i went to kruger park late jan 08.

The big 5 consists out of 

  • lion
  • rhino
  • elaphant
  • buffalo
  • leopard    

On the way to our first camp site we already met the elaphant a huhge animal just on the side of the road a bit grazing. That was amazing to see that such a big animal could move so sillent. After the photo's were made and enjoying the sight we moved on.

The next morning we went on a game walk with two rangers it was a bit early leaving camp at 4.45. To get to the wild live before they get realy active. We were driving a long a 4wheel drive track when suddely one of my fellow travelers called out LION.

About 200 meters out there was a male lion and a female walking along, looking for breakfast i thought.
it was still a bit dawn so the light was't to good but still a fenomenal sight to see. After a minute or so the lion got us in his sight and run of. but still an amzing encounter.

The next day we went to another part of kruger park. There we did a evening/night game drive, we wherer just cruising along seeing baboons, impala's and wildebeasts when the ranger suddenlly brake'd very hard there was a grey rock, but it moved it was a rhino.

The rhino was'nt  to impressed with our presence, it was grazing and never looked up so all we saw was a moving grey rock.

we moved on and saw wild boar's, zebra's, wilde beast and hippo's.

and lot's of impala's en other dear species.
                                                It was already dark by now we where driving along when we stopt. There was a small animal walking in the bushes next to the car. I thougt that it was a young boar or hyena, when sudenly out of the bushes on my side of the car, right in front of me a young leopard came out of the bushes and it looked straight at me. All i had to do was point an shoot with the camera. the ranger told that is was very rare to see it because there are not to many of then in that area of the park.

Tne next day we went on two game walk's.

We came so close to rhino's 30 meters or less that was amazing just to see those big animals so close because we were down wind from them and very quiet. It was amazing to see a mother rhino with her 4 month old baby.

On the last day in kruger park we were driving out of the park when suddenly a hole herd of buffalo were grazing about 60 meters out from the road. There were at least a 100 buffalo mayby more it was a great sight.

The guide told us that it was very rare to get the big 5 in just a few days and even rarer to get them all on camera. and so i feel very lucky and privileged that i was to see that.

It made a great impression on me to see althose animals free to walk around kruger park and not in a zoo or somthing like that.

Kruger park is a place were i certainly will return someday and i hope that there will be no change in the way the animals are living.

Wendyveer says:
I,m already exied... I hope to see the big 5 too!
Posted on: Sep 01, 2008
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