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One of the widest rivers I have to cross over

Torres del paine is the world known national park. The park is very very big. If you want to complete the whole trek, you need around 8-9 days. Therefore most people will have a camping here. Another options are living in a refugio (similar to hostel, but much simpler) and hotel. Since the park was run by private companies (I think), every thing was super expensive. For example, a can of coca cola is around US$3 -4. The refugio I stayed for 1 night cost US$36 (the cheapest one in the park). What the refugio provides is nth but a bed, a bathroom and a fire.

I know my wallet and body cannot support me hiking for several days. Before arriving this park, I decide to stay here for 1 night only. I prepared well for my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Don´t worry, I don´t have to climb over it. I just walk around it.
Also, I minimized my belongings as less as possible except my 30d and lens x2. However, the trekking path was not as simple as I thought (based on HK treeking experience). Although most of the trekking paths are straight forward, sometimes the path was not obvious to observe. The park was very very big and I can only see another trekker per half an hour. In addition to the sudden raining and cloudy weather, it was tough for me trekking alone. The most challenging thing which was out of my preparation was crossing over rivers (I supposed there was a bridge over there, jesus). Some rivers just made my shoes wet (it´s acceptable). Some made my pants (90%) totally wet. The most painful thing was the freezing water.... my legs felt like no response. An acident might come out if you didn´t select the right stones to stand.

Finally I arrived the refugio with 1-2 hrs delay. When I planed to start cooking my dinner, I discovered the refugio provided just fire. They didnt prvoide me any bowl or pans.... Moreover, I had to pay extra money for the bed sheet and blanket. I really disliked the refugio. The only thing I had for my dinner was the hammons and breads.... coz of the cold weather, I could not sleep well...

Skywander says:
Oh..u walked there alone?? Have u got enough information before you decided to do this? UM..anyway..When u look back in years later, this will be one of the things pop up in ur mind instantly... :P
Posted on: Mar 11, 2008
fishlee says:
there is always ups and downs in life! Cheer up!
Posted on: Feb 29, 2008
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One of the widest rivers I have to…
One of the widest rivers I have t…
Don´t worry, I don´t have to cli…
Don´t worry, I don´t have to cl…