Revisiting the President, Fakra sikri and The Taj.

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A wall panal from Bhaptar Palace.

March 2nd 1990

Visiting the President again, Fakra-Sikri, ghost city, and The Taj.


Had an excellent nights sleep woke feeling much better, and was up at dawn leaning over the balcony enjoying the freshness and the view, when I became aware I was looking directly into our tour bus and the spectacle of the two drivers, who always wore western clothes during the day, lying curled up on the floor of the bus all wrapped up in their sari’s, they in turn were looking up at the spectacle of the western lady standing in her pink frilly shortie nightie! Oops!

Discovered that there was no hot water for a shower, this happens quite often in India either no hot water or no electricity or both, but we were getting quite used to it.

me at the Presidents Palace Bharatpur

The next-door building to Bharatpur Palace, I have found is the President of India’s Summer Palace and what’s more he is in residence at this moment, the flag is flying. (Remember I 'visited' him in New Delhi at his city palace!)

 I decide to visit him again!

There was a strong fence around his Palace but nothing that could keep an active keen Kiwi out, so I gave my camera to Dave and Sharon and climbed through the fence. I could see a nice little garden seat not too far in from the fence, the idea was I would run fast, to the seat sit down have photo taken, and run just as fast out again. There were Palace guards with guns protecting the President just as there had been in New Delhi, but I banked on being fast enough for them not to notice me.

Fakra Sikri Ghost city.
I was wrong, they noticed me all right and called out and then started running towards me with guns drawn! But I was very quick to just set my backside on the said seat momentarily, then up and run like a hare back and climb fast through the fence. And I have the photo to prove I was there! Oh my God I could of been shot, and just for a fun prank!

After that little adventure I enjoyed my breakfast very much. I find that Julie has come down sickly and so have several others, maybe I was the lucky one not eating any dinner last night.

Lots of the group were looking quite seedy on the bus we went rather quietly to Fakra-Sikri a Ghost city built in 1585 by a Mughal Emperor who didn’t think about where he was going to find water for the people of the city before he built this impressive set of buildings. No water was found so no one ever really lived in this city for long. The major problem for us was the enormous number of hawkers and the difficulty in pushing your way through them.

The Taj Mahal at dusk, glowing almost pink.
Then on we went to Agra for lunch and to settle into our hotel room, I was impressed that we have a wonderful view of the Taj Mahal from our very room.

The bus took us out to Agra Fort where we fought off more hawkers and beggars to the extent we hardly saw the fort, then on to a lovely Bazaar, we all enjoy these bazaars, and bargain and haggle for lots of little souvenirs. I have decided to bring back about 20 - 30 small carved wooden elephants for my work mates and all my family and friends, and some marble ones for me, I won’t buy them all in one place so I can have lots of fun haggling and bargaining in lots of different places, in every place I get them very cheaply, about 20 • 50cents my money! I am getting extremely good at bargaining. But this wasn’t getting us to the Taj…..

We are all keyed up waiting to go to the main event • the Taj Mahal.

Another group photo, so nice to have.

We arrived to see the Taj in bright beautiful sunshine and waited there until sunset to view the taj in glowing sunset colours. We were not disappointed.

It’s so big, so stately, so majestic, so lovely; so ethereal, so perfect, what more can I say. Took heaps of photos, oh yes I was very impressed.

Really, I just sat myself down on the steps and gazed in awe at the snowy white marble that looked almost transparent in the sunshine and almost opalescent pink in the sunset.  Built for the love of a lady and the love shines out of it.

There I stayed for at least an hour, without talking; we were all the same, before wandering down the pathway to go inside the building, it was still impressive close up, but inside there were two big sarcophagus tombs, not the most exciting things in the world, also there were marble screens all carved like mesh, quite delicately.

One mineret of the Taj, almost transparent.
Cameras were not allowed inside, one of our party did take a photo, the camera flashed and guards arrived and removed the film! We wandered on out to the pool and seat area and arranged another group photo. Then we just milled around gazing at the structure enjoying the feast for our eyes.

I marvelled that I could ever have managed to get here, who would have dreamt that I would touch the Taj Mahal! I said a quiet prayer in gratitude for those who had helped make this trip possible.

Back to the hotel where I dined with Caroline an English nurse, Sandy, Sharon, Dave and John, on the usual Indian fare of curry, soon Fiona and Cynthia joined us for coffee and we sat and talked the night away.  Eventually Eric joined us too, he had been back to see the Taj by moonlight, but there wasn't a lot of moon.When back in our room Julie and I sat together and wrote out about a dozen postcards each to send home, all with various pictures of the Taj on them.

On the seat at Amber fort, where the builder ogf the Taj sat a wept for his lady love while the Taj was being built.
We have our moments still.



Nyl says:
I love this!!!
Posted on: Feb 22, 2008
reikunboy says:
Wow your 1 crazy women for entering the presidents ground your so lucky to be with us today lol
Posted on: Feb 21, 2008
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A wall panal from Bhaptar Palace.
A wall panal from Bhaptar Palace.
me at the Presidents Palace Bharat…
me at the Presidents Palace Bhara…
Fakra Sikri
Ghost city.
Fakra Sikri Ghost city.
The Taj Mahal at dusk, glowing alm…
The Taj Mahal at dusk, glowing al…
Another group photo, so nice to ha…
Another group photo, so nice to h…
One mineret of the Taj, almost tra…
One mineret of the Taj, almost tr…
On the seat at Amber fort, where t…
On the seat at Amber fort, where …
photo by: Paulovic