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March 9th 1990

Leaving India

I awake to my last day in India, maybe forever and ever; it makes me feel sad that I may never be back in this astounding country of such contrasts, but I have enjoyed some great times and have memories that will live with me for life, I have met wonderful people that I would never have come into contact with normally, and for the first time in my life I have been left to my own recourses with no Husband or family to fall back on, I have found my own way and grown in so many ways.

But I also awoke with an ominous feeling of dread about what will happen when we try to leave the airport at Varansi after the ‘pep’ talk we had last evening from our tour leader!

Started the day with yet another argument with Julie, she will be so glad to get rid of me, I shall be rooming with Sharon from now on; lucky me, who knows where Julie will room or with whom and who cares! She will be doing a trek in the mountains later and I shall be staying on my own, in Kathmandu for about 10 days, after the bus tour.

When we were ready to board the bus, John my big Canadian friend came and gave me a big hug and it was just what I needed, it helped me get rid of the oppressive feelings, specially when he asked if we could travel together today on the plane and go through customs together, as he said he was also not looking froward to the hassles we had been told to expect. John was so nice and helpful, we gave each other that little bit of courage to face the strip searches if we had to, but in fact it wasn’t nearly as bad as we had been warned.

Sure we did have to go alone into the tiny cubicle at the airport, with two very nimble fingered ladies who frisked you all over and all the while rubbed their fingers together and said baksheesh, baksheesh over and over, and asked for American Dollars, while trying to drag all your money out of my front pack with my passport and travel documents in as well as a tiny bit of money and no US Dollars, they had no luck at all. These nimble fingered girls found my credit card which I kept in a pocket sewn into my bra, that is how thorough they were, but finally they let me through without paying anything to them, John also got through with his money intact I believe.

We heaved a big sigh of relief and boarded the plane for Kathmandu Nepal. On the plane, while John and I talked the whole way, we saw Eric another Canadian studying up his Lonely Planet Guidebook and knew that he would know all the best places to go to when we landed. Sharon smiled and said it was fantastic that we were going to room together, we would have such fun together. All of us stare out the windows fixedly hoping to catch a glimpse of Mount Everest, but no such luck, the mountain lies off in another direction, but that didn't stop us all looking.

 Nepal was going to great.

lovejoy485 says:
Quite an adventure again!
Posted on: Apr 26, 2008
reikunboy says:
look forward to reading the adventures of Nepal
Posted on: Apr 21, 2008
glennisnz says:
Sorry about the rather black photo, it was meant to be a jet plane swooping past but it has not worked and I can't seem to remove it!
Posted on: Apr 21, 2008
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